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hahahah word, although I wouldn't mind an R-rated BD myself but yeah, lol

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Of course she wont, although isnt she producing/co-producing?

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Shame really. I know the books are aimed toward a young adult audience, but Breaking Dawn the book should've been more than what it was in many ways. A rated-R Breaking Dawn would be great, but since the book is watered down from what it could've been and such, I always knew it wouldn't be. Oh well. As long as Condon makes it damn good and serves it justice.

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Looks NOTHING like Rob. I wouldn't waste any money on that. But now I'm hungry for some chocolate.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I can't wait for Eclipse, squeee!!

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I'm still debating if I really want to read that or not. I really couldn't give a rat's ass about her story, to be honest. However, I might just read it because of it's Twilight link.

Besides, most people don't REALLY want this, most people want MIDNIGHT SUN! Ugh take a hint, Meyer. A lot of people are NOT going to forget it exists, so yeah...take the hint and release Midnight Sun and the ones that should follow :]

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I saw this a few days ago, it got me all excited for June! :D I think Eclipse will kick both Twilight and New Moon's ass! XD

But anyway, everything looks good. I still don't like the contacts that make our vampires look sick :/ Oh well. And I still don't like Bryce as Victoria. Her hair looks totally weird, while Rachelle's was all natural and perfect! I'll judge her acting skills later.

As Stacey said, about Slade bringing back the 'darkness,' I totally agree. Although Twilight was more blue and looked like a bootleg, hated that. "We've got to emphasize the coldness and raininess of Forks" - yeah, the world isn't blue. It's more grayish, like Slade did. So Slade already gets a high five for that.

I can't wait to see the movie and how the battle will play out. David Slade's amazing, I'm sure this movie will be the best :D

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LOVE Emilie's dress! And Rob looks amazing <333

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Yeah her speaking is improving, although I could never hate on her for being that way, because I know if I was in her position, I'd be the same. :/ She looked absolutely gorgeous <3

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I'm honestly not watching any Behind-the-Scenes stuff or Deleted Scenes. I want to be surprised with what they got :D