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And yet Norway enjoys the highest standard of living of any developed country. I am not a fan of government health care, I think we can look at the VA and see how well it works, and yet, as someone who has struggled to provide my children with health insurance in the past I am concerned with the idea that health care is the privilege of the financially secure. Everything i have read about the coming health plan makes me nervous but on the other hand, with insurance companies refusing to offer coverage for preexisting conditions, refusing payment for treatments, poor customer service, cutting coverage and raising rates to increase the bottom line, I am not sure our current system is all that great an option either.

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I agree. I'd be more concerned with the fact that he was being lifted with a payloader to do a repair. If i tried to have someone do that where I work OSHA would be all over me. When I was in auto shop in high school the teacher was adamant that you use the right tool for the right job to minimize accidents. 16 or 25, he would have been dead either way in that accident.

There are fewer and fewer opportunities for kids to learn responsibility and make a little money. I delivered newspapers every day from the time I was 11 until I was 16 and went to work at Burger King. Rode my bike with newspaper bags hanging off the front, cars all around. Probably ran greater risks than driving a tractor. We need to be smart but as a parent i am having to learn that I cannot protect my children from every danger.

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I pay for an individual plan for myself and my 2 children because the plan is better than I would get with my employer and the cost through my wife's employer is prohibitive (extra $450/mo just for the kids). I just got a notice that my rate is increasing 18% for next year. Wish my salary increased at the same percentage as health care, fuel, and groceries.

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And so many of those fat free items make up the difference by spiking the sodium and sugar content. It may be fat free but if the sugar is real high you'd be far better off eating the full fat version.

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And even with the selection that the bigger stores can carry, there is no way they can hit it all. This is a chance for better deals on regular items and an opportunity for successful bidders on the state stores to be more selective and provide things the bigger stores don't carry. It would be fun to see specialty wine, beer, and liquor stores at these locations.

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Not a fan of the new look. I like the steel blue of the old uniforms. The racing stripes on the legs are ridiculous, especially with the green. We may not pull off the intimidation but maybe our opponents will fall over laughing.

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"Apple spokeswoman Kristen Huguet reiterated an earlier statement, saying competitors should create their own technology."

Love this line since Apple is also being sued for patent infringement. Maybe Kristen Huguet should reconsider her phrasing...

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I am a big fan of free speech, I believe it is one of the things that sets us apart from much of the world, but when does disobeying the law constitute a violation of the first amendment? They were allowed to overrun the capitol all day and were only sent packing at closing time, those who refused to leave were issued trespass warnings. I am tired of those who think that getting their message out means breaking the laws the rest of us follow and then filing a lawsuit when they are held accountable.

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Well, I hope companies that put video on the web are listening too. There are still far more web pages (or parts of web pages) that I can't view on my iPad than ones that I can (when video is involved). I have an Android tablet as well which does allow me to view Flash video, though I guess its days are numbered, but the video tends to be jerky and just plain poor. Hopefully we are seeing the end of this blu-ray vs. hd dvd-esque competition.

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Keller is exactly the picture of role model athlete. Here is a guy I can point my kids to and say here is one of the best keepers in the MLS. He doesn't use steroids, he hasn't done jail time for drug possession, he doesn't beat his wife, he hasn't been arrested for brawling outside a night club. Instead he is a family man, a great athlete, and a truly respectable guy. Thanks Keller, we'll miss you in the net...