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What is not mentioned is Israel government systematic eviction of East Jerusalem Palestinian families to make room for exclusive Jewish family settlements.
Home demolitions are applied only to NON Jewish residents of the Israeli state.
Ethnic cleansing in short.

Should US Taxpayers be funding ISRAELI Aparthied??

According to the Christian Science Monitor,the cost of Israel to the American TAXpayer has been over $1.6 TRILLION since 1973.http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1209/p16s01-wmgn.html

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Let's see now Niger documents were forged.It sure helped push war for Iraq.
Now another possible forgery as talk about attacking Iran.Also most curious that assesments by multiple intelligence services(hey anybody missing here?) about existeance of WMD in Irag.
Wait! me thinks we are getting setup again.Geez,who could be doing this???
I am truly baffled??
Hey,hey,, could it be the state of Israel???

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The military doctrine of Israel's military that dates back to before the founding of the Jewish state has always been to target civillians.Non Jewish civillians that is.Zionism has always been a war of Demgraphics.Palestine is not a large area that was inhabited by Jew,Christian and Muslim.The only way to clear the last two groups is through terror.Slaughter,piosioning of wells,mass shootings,ect,.. was institutionalized in the Israel paralmilitaries of Hagannah,Irgun and Stern Gang.The Israel military is continuing the practice.The Israel army investigations are the most predictable outcomes that you can wager any monies on!!!

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Yeah,The US Taxpayer is bankrolling Jim Crow West bank Occupation.
According to the Christian Science Monitor,the cost of Israel to the American TAXpayer has been over $1.6 TRILLION since 1973.http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1209/p16s01-wmgn.ht...

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Hamas is certainly closer to the Palestinian people's aspirations under Israeli occupation.
Cannot forget it came to being under Israeli sponsership.
Just as Hizbollah came into being as a result of the brutal Israeli occupation of Lebanon.
US should consider dialogue as an incentive for Israel to cease and desist
deopopulating the West bank of it's Non Jewish natives and stop buliding
exclusive Jewish Only housing that is bankrolled by the US Taxpayer.

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Well maybe US sanctions might be inorder.Heard US official sat it was premature! Encouraging...
Or look into those tax free Israel bonds that transfer wealth from America to the Jewish state without paying taxes.

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The inmates have taken over the Assylum.
In this case the institution is the US Congress.
Israel gets away with it because the Israel Lobby(AIPAC) has a strangelhold on Capitol hill.Backed by a sympathatic media that has been condition to knee jerk support.
What we have to watch out for is that same group again railroading this country into another war with a third Islamic country:IRAN
Comes down to age old Biblical TRIBALISM with influence backed up by cash(campaign contributions) ramming an agenda that is archaic and taking the rest of us along without enough kicking and screaming!!

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Looks like Barack Obama has figured out that one of the main obstacles to mideast peace are the illegal Jewish settlements.The West Bank and Gaza Ghetto are Occupied Territories according to international law,The Geneva Convention,countless UN resolutions Israel has continuously ignored.
It is important to note that these Illegal settlements are exclusively Jewish,built on stolen private land,and are connected by roads that are also exclusive.The IDF supports the whole ROTTEN system and is let loose on the Non Jewish captive Palestinian populace corralled in Israel designed walled reservations.The Aim is to make the lives of these Non Jews so insufferable as to drive them off their lands and bring in Jewish Israelis.
Now if you build an Apartheid society not too many would argue it's not wrong,but the Israeli model is Funded buy things like tax free Israel Bonds and other slippery financial instruments with origins MOSTLY in these United States.
According to the Christian Science Monitor,the cost of Israel to the American TAXpayer has been over $1.6 TRILLION since 1973.http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1209/p16s01-wmgn.ht...