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Absolutely. And if consumers want to avoid this huge headache altogether, which currently would only be applicable to Microsoft Windows computing devices, they'll simply need to purchase a device which does not use a Microsoft OS as its basis.

This will prove effective for a year or so, until Macs and Linux-based devices gain critical mass, at which time the malware authors will then be forced to pay attention to those platforms. At that time, the myth of their security superiority will be revealed, and we'll be left to deal with what is ultimately the last problem that will need to be tackled: the end user.

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I'm not buying any of this. As a former IBM customer, I've had run-ins with them that made me swear off their stuff long ago. Take WebSphere - we attempted to build an externally exposed application on a hardened Windows server, and had problems right from the get-go getting WebSphere to come up. Turned out WebSphere relied on admin privileges and insecure services running in order to function. IBM refused to even provide us a list of necessary services and situations their software needed - instead leaving us to walk through the minefield and discover the issues one by one. When challenged on this, IBM's response was, and I quote "If you want to run WebSphere in a secure environment, then you'd run it on a Unix platform." Hmmm - funny they didn't mention that in their marketing materials. They didn't charge a lesser price for this supposedly non-enterprise version they were now claiming it to be. I eventually had a Support VP contact me to apologize for the response after having posted my experience in their support forums, but they never did address the issue while we still worked with the product.

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Virginia is for hackers.

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My dad came up with this idea when I was a teenager and the main snow shoveler in the family. I hated that aluminum grain shovel. The corners of it curled up bent, snow stuck to it, and the loads it grabbed were way too heavy. It's terrible for your back.

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It should be noted the money amount in the body of these emails is variable.

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Despite all the Obama conspiracy nonsense here, this is simply the knee-jerk reaction of technically ignorant bureaucrats to the recent DDoS attack against South Korea and the US, and likely the Estonia and Georgian attacks. Does someone have a photo of a gun to the head of Republican Snowe that we're unaware of?

There's little doubt that certain countries are bundling cyberattacks into their arsenal, and so in the bureaucrats' eyes having the ability to push a national response via the government is what is needed. This is obviously a very wrong answer at the moment, given the utter lack of knowledge, understanding, and ability to properly carry one out, but Washington always likes to put the cart before the horse, no matter which party is at the reins.

Now, back to the paranoid delusional posts!