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Congrats on the C&D!

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Omtime Boulder, hands down!

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My favorite quote from yoga teacher/psychotherapist, Bo Forbes, at a recent retreat at Shambala Mountain. "forget self-improvement, try self-compassion". So profound, so simple, so perfect. Easier to get rid of a negative habit when it's replaced with something else.

I grew up a Jehovah's Witness. Regardless of what the promises are, a cult is still a cult.

Keep up the great work! You already are helping folks.

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And there are better places to get the useful information. You mentioned Richard Wiseman in a different post. I lend out my copy of the Luck Factor, often. So very practical. Plus, I just love the guy. He's fun.

Glad you found your way out of the insanity. Sometimes, once you've invested so heavily it's hard to face what's really happened and to get back on track.

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Duff, you are a stronger person than I. I tried to read The Secret, so I could legitimately respond to friends who are into this. I've been on the fringe, wanting to belief this stuff, so I understand the desire. But after two pages and noticing my brain cells dying a violent death, I just stopped. My brain still mourns those lost with watching What the Bleep.

So glad there are folks like you, willing to take the bullet for me. I can always pass along your blog. Stuart Davis also did a great job on weighing in on The Secret.

As someone said, not everyone can be successful etc. Someone needs to clean the toilets.

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Love it! The lack of critical discourse is discouraging in all aspects of life. Have you read "SHAM" by Steven Solerno?

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Found you thanks to the RT from elephant journal. Wonderful post! I really like the ethical bent of your blog. I look forward to reading your other posts.