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I'm not sure that's Josh. Wasn't he killed in a car accident a while back and now someone else has been "filling in" for josh that looks just like him? I swear I heard that in a song as I was rewinding the cassette tape.

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Now just who's Big Fat Established Cannon are we talking about here?

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Good lord! I've seen him before, but that full beard and the whole harness...*swoon!*

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I guess something has to be more unnecessary than the Buffy reboot.

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Blue Penis in your comic! Won't someone think of the children? They shouldn't be exposed to this or superheroes making whoopee with the boobs and all! This comic is shocking!

Children should only be exposed to guns, knives, bone-breaking karate moves and blood, lots of blood.

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What's sad is when your reality shows reshoot scenes and send your empty-headed stars lines via text message.

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I like that if you turned the Josh Box 360 around, the head would look just like those nauseating XBox commercials with the back of the heads blown off and tiny little beings living inside - oh, and helicopters buzzing around.

I really hate those ads. Still, nice touch for the comic.

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I think this officially fulfills the CanCon (Canadian Content) requirement for this comic for at least a year.

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I love Pushing Dasies, and I loved Wonderfalls too. Both have the same creator. Both are shows I would love to see go on for a few more years.

I am surprised that MOWE was canceled and Knight Rider got a pick up, but heck , people did vote for Proposition 8, too.

There really is no room for creativity on broadcast television. This statement has nothing to do with My Own Worst Enemy.

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Did the micro black hole get Kim Jong Il? He's still missing, right?