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Thanks Sarah! I could genuinely have seen it with Nick, he didn't seem to know what he wanted to be/do/whatever and was so distracted that he probably wouldn't have noticed!

But fair play to Auntie for covering the subject, and I suppose we'll just have to suck it and see (Matron!)

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I know what you mean, sometimes the camera speeds can be almost dizzying. But I think Eurovision has followed music production a bit closer than we\'ve realised - the small, intimate gigs in pubs, clubs and student unions seem to have fallen out of favour with the big stars - arenas are the way forward at the moment while the small studio shows just don\'t give us the sense of awe that we look for these days. Haven\'t you heard? Bigger is better ;-P

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Thanks for that Richard. I can certainly see where you\'re coming from with Lordi representing Finland - but the UK isn\'t Finland, we\'re not tied into one style or another. I agree that the choice of Pete Waterman was absolutely dire, and the song he chose was too dated. But Andrew Lloyd Webber & Jade did us proud last year - 5th place is nothing to be sniffed at, especially if the political voting system has as much sway as some people think. But this was more than just having a good song, it was standing up and saying \"we\'re happy to be in Eurovision, we\'re being serious\". Something we couldn\'t do this year. This year we could only say \"we\'re nice guys!\"

As far as I know, Cowell\'s not been involved in the UK Eurovision yet. But, as much as I dislike what he produces, he knows the score and makes stuff that\'s loved by the mainstream, so maybe we should get him involved?

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I see what you mean Edward, but that just wouldn't satisfy the drama queen in me! This is my little lament for the Eurovision I loved, I still enjoy Newrovision (did you see what I did there!?!) But I think I've now resigned myself to the fact that we're not going to win, but we're going to have loads of fun in the meantime!

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Not necessarily, looking at the little bits of information we've received (obviously we have to wait a while for queenie to do her speech) they seem to be trying to get a decent balance between the two parties' beliefs. I'm obviously a bit miffed that we're not going to get a referendum on PR (even STV was a poor relation in my mind, but I'm really liberal - everyone should be able to have their say, even if I disagree.)

But then the Tories have lost their inheritance stuff and other things, so it seems everyone's giving up something.

Thankfully they both believe in scrapping ID cards so at least I'm not going to break the law when they scrap the piece of shit system (although I suppose they could keep a bit of it running for those who were involved in its creation - that'd teach them!)

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Thanks Kerry! Thankfully the Lib Dems managed to hold on in Newcastle, but from what Ronnie Call said this evening <a href="http://(http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/elections-2010/latest-uk-general-election-news/2010/05/07/full-list-of-north-east-council-election-results-72703-26399284/)" target="_blank">(http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/elections-2010/latest-uk-general-election-news/2010/05/07/full-list-of-north-east-council-election-results-72703-26399284/) they lost some seats :-(. Saint Nick has some bargaining chips, but because of the stupid FPTP system they're more like french fries ;-P

And Lou, thank you too! Unfortunately we have to get a government to pass a PR system into law, and, as we usually get either Labour or Conservative using the FPTP system it's not in either of their best interests. The only hope that we have is that the Lib Dems hold out until they can get that concession, and pray that they don't have to sell too much of their souls...

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Hi everyone, thanks for the heads up, I had a feeling that the promises the sales team were making were too good to be true, hence my "We'll wait and see"

Unfortunately, the best I can look forward to at the moment is about 5Mbps, and after phoning BT they've told me I'll not be in a BT fibre optic area until mid-2011.

But after reading most of the reviews I've seen about Virgin customer service I have a feeling I'm going straight back as soon as I can!

Thankfully, as I don't p2p or torrent, I don't think I'll be too heavy a user -it's more the streaming (iPlayer) type stuff that I want it for.

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Thanks for the comments Ladies. I hope that the passengers are realising that this isn't all the staff, just the selfish cabin crew. I've always giggled at Pam Ann's explanation of the title CSD - but now I really do feel that thet=y are C***s Standing at the Door. >:-|

But, as we're out of it I hope you both have a great Christmas and New Year, Loadsa Luv to you both, and to Chris, Mike and Sam!

xxx *Mwah!* xxx

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Chris, I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one - BE have the best customer service I have ever had from an internet provider and the couple of times I've had problems I've been able to speak to someone who knows what they're talking about - and do you know what? They don't follow a script that starts with "Try turning it off and then on again"! They pitch their advice to the person that's calling (beginner, intermediate or advanced), never talk down to you and are just an absolute pleasure to deal with so I'm with you...

People of Britain, if you want a good quality, reasonably priced ISP with excellent customer service - get BE Broadband poste haste! B)

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Thanks for the shout out! ;-D