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Thanks, Ty, @topfloorstudio. I like you idea. Will go to work on it.

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This is first rate. Really glad to learn about Mark's work.

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Peter & Pam,
Great podcast this week. Makes me wish we were sitting in coffee shop having this conversation.
A comment or two about the truck sign, politicians and change.
The dynamic relationship that exists between the public, elected officials, the parties and the media is the real change context that is taking place. And it is the relationships within these social and organizational structures that has been the most resistant to change, and under the most stress. Up to the past year, Presidents whose party controlled both houses of congress were viewed as the most effective in office, mostly because they could get their legislation passed. Not this time. Is this an anomally, or a trend. I'd say it is a trend a'la the Long Tail.
People are changing. They are thinking more about what they value and how it fits into the bigger scheme of life, and their are forming less structured, more agile organizations, like the Tea Party movement, to facilitate change.
I find it quite fascinating, and highly instructive for any top-level leader who thinks they can assume the trust of the people they lead. Trust is a currency that pays for change that is effective and sustainable.

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Great interview, Peter. I know I have to read this book. So much of what has emerged in my own work over the past year has been this focus on the experience we create. I think I'll listen the interview again, right now. Thanks.

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Shawn, Seth is usually right. The professions are getting commoditized. Those who can collaborate and contribute come out on top. Thx

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One of the major tasks that thought leaders have in the future is the re-creation/design of organizational structures (physical space). It is clear that what worked for the past how many centuries isn't going to be adequate in the future.
You may find this post of mine relevant - http://edbrenegar.typepad.com/leading_questions/2...
Thanks for your excellent comment.

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Peter, my discussion with Dan Pink was illuminating and inspiring. I believe his new book Drive is a must read for every leader. In particular because he begins to address the most difficult change we must make as leaders, and that is a personal change that results in changing the way we structure the social and organizational structures of our lives. Thank you Peter for making this podcast available to people.

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I heard once that diplomacy is being able to tell someone their feet stink and they thank you for telling them. I guess the same applies for their progeny.