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Chris, great post! Seems that the Open Graph Protocol is still a little known advanced data feature for websites. My understanding of it is basic, in that I get that the now a website can have pages that will exist as actual "objects" that can be parsed more universally by other sites that track data and that it can connect people in the "social web" that seems to be on a growing trend from Facebook.

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Great bit of entertainment from thechive.com! Btw, help Boys & Girls Clubs raise $5000 in 19 days http://bit.ly/twbgc for info!

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How sad... traveling at a high rate of speed on a motorcycle not a great idea.

Ed Bisquera on Twitter

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great logo Chris! And Dale, thank you for the unofficial interview you gave me Monday...Congratulations on your "little Facebook Page project..." I think the passion and authenticity you bring to your blog and to the Vancouver, WA fan page are some of the main secrets why it's so successful. Your page has more fans than any other Vancouver, WA related Facebook page that I can find. Pretty impressive for less than 40 days!! I'm looking forward to hot wings with you soon. See you back home in Vancouver...

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Great to have "met" you online. I know we'll be losing a great asset such as you, but it's understandable, since you've been working so hard at helping REBarcamp as a volunteer.

Contact me when you get a chance, because a few of my clients and sponsors may be available with resources to help regionally with organizing and ponying up some support dollars to keep this rebarcamp.com going.

Also, it's interesting to note, that I just heard about a Journalism Barcamp going on October 25th at the University of Oregon Campus, the day after "Be a better journalist" conference I'm speaking at and attending. I can't wait to see their Barcamp, in a journalism setting. I believe it's one of the first, and they'll be covering similar topics as the REBarcamps do, but from a journalistic point of view.

Should be really interesting. Here's the URL, in case anyone in Oregon/Washington/No California wanna go: Be A Better Journalist and Information on Journalism Barcamp.

You've been a valuable resource and from what I have learned about you online, a great guy. I can't wait to meet you IRL! Take care and happy trails to you in Chicago.

Take care,

Ed Bisquera

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Yes, please come out for the Vancouver Sausage Fest. I admit I'm biased (my children go to school there, so this is one of their major fundraisers) but it's really a fun family event and tradition here in Vancouver, Washington. And where else is there a beer garden on a church parking lot?!?! LOL

Hope to see you around the fest Dale. Take care! :-)


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A very sobering video and one to definitely share. It's a reality check and I'm definitely changing habits. Thanks Dale & Mike for sharing this video. I'll be re-posting on my blog as well. :S

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For the most part, I agree with the district's choice to utilize 21st century tools to inform and communicate. But there still is much to be learned about how social media works and Evergreen School District's intentions, as is evident in the comments above. I think people need to be aware (this is my assumption), that the district intends to use both Facebook and Twitter as a one-way communication tool and that teens pictures will not be accessible through the Facebook Business page the district created nor any privacy concerns regarding Twitter.

It's clear many people still don't know how Facebook or Twitter really works, so I'll try to illustrate.

1. It's likely that the ESD has a social media policy in place (I would assume it's under their communications/PR policy in relation to images of students and its use) and that images are covered under a policy designed to protect students' identity if need be. Also, I would imagine their social media policy is designed that they're top mission, is to use the social media sites to share information, much like they do already. Not much should change, except now the delivery medium is through a social media site.

2. Students who have personal Facebook accounts will likely not be accessible via the district Facebook page, since Evergreen School District will have a BUSINESS Page and NOT a personal page (they aren't allowed, by the terms of service of Facebook to have a personal page anyway). Since the district is a semi-commercial entity, they will have a business Facebook page, of which people on Facebook wanting to keep up with updates, will become "fans" of the page. The privacy settings should be in place to protect any fans (students, parents, others).

3. Twitter, by its' design and nature, offers a buffer of privacy, as Twitter is just a communication tool and doesn't reveal any information about the person, other than name, location and website URL, if the person puts one in. Twitter is still new to many people and I understand the confusion among new users.

4. Showing students how to properly engage and use the new media tools online will prepare them for the future, for college and for the future workforce. Many job positions I'm seeing now (especially in communications and marketing) REQUIRE that applicants be proficient in social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I also think that the basics must still be adhered to, though and I totally agree with SumTingWong, in that students still need to learn how to read, write, etc. But I think using the social media tools will in some ways help.

Azoth - I would thnk the ESD social media policy covers "friending" clearly. What the ESD will have on Facebook is a "business/fan page" which people become "fans" and not "friends." Teens may or may not become "fans" but becoming friends with teachers will likely not be allowed. (at least in my humble opinion it shouldn't be).

I'm sure there's still a lot to really iron out, but I think there's no better way to learn the new technology, than by immersing in it and using it to the best of their ability. At least the Evergreen School District is addressing this new trend, instead of falling behind, like education systems sometimes do.

Ed Bisquera
Former ESD student and Social Media Instructor at