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Thanks Douglas. He's a great speaker and an inspiring character. I've listened to him before and this programme has just led me to return to his TED talks (particularly this one). I think there's a lot in there that will help me as I prepare for the teacher's event.

I look forward to your personal memories. Please point others here to share theirs too - thanks!

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Thanks Gordon - I got a bit behind a couple of times, so am wondering what nuggets of genius I missed. I guess I'll find out when the videos are released ;o)

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You're welcome - glad it's helpful.

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I did struggle a bit with multi-tasking: http://twitter.com/#!/easyrew/status/28487570078
- but that was mostly around holding my phone (on which I was taking notes & tweeting) and clapping ;o)

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You're welcome.

You can find the tortoise & hippo story here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owen_and_Mzee
He used it to explain his point about our need to model the Kingdom; to live out the values of the Kingdom in order to impact those around us. The point being that the orphaned hippo started to mimic the old tortoise - living as he lived.

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I agree that there's a danger that people would lose interest and enthusiasm after a while, but that's the case with so many things. I wouldn't be too worried about the possibility of it becoming a one-man show - because I don't have the gifts/abilities to achieve it without help from others.

I would hope that at the *very*least* we would be able to implement option one, but preferably as a stepping stone whilst we plan for and implement option two.

Good question about why option two seems so right in spite of the amount of work it entails. For me, option one is likely to be more successful in engaging children & young people for the duration of the slot, and hopefully make the first part of the service more accessible in terms of language, etc. But I don't think that our service lacks a time of teaching for young people - they get that during Junior Church with very age-specific teaching and activities. As I've been mulling over this issue, the strongest sense of any leading from the Lord has been that we need to encourage our children and young people to worship Him. I don't think option one goes far enough for that. I believe option two is the right one for us - losing the children's talk slot, and instead working hard to ensure that the start of the service enables all ages to worship together. Even though there is the danger of alienating the adults with such a big change, my heart still thinks it's the right option. I fear that at the moment we're teaching our young people the truths of Scripture (in Junior Church) but totally alienating them from worshipping the Lord - and worse, possibly putting them off Church all together.

:: Still your biggest faraway fan!

Thanks Hetty - I might pay for your airfare back to support me if things get too tough ;o)
God bless - love to you all...

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Hehe - thanks Angela. I've had similar thoughts to this, about a specific kids/young people's service. Also wondered if we could have the children/young people out early once a month for a separate worship time, but I'm not sure that would help. It would solve the problem of the children's talk, but I think it's really important that we worship together.

Totally agree with your second paragraph - but it's not quite that simple. We all know what adults are like ;o) Every two months we have a service which is aimed at young people, but sadly some adults still vote with their feet and regularly stay away.

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Just a little more on children & young people worshipping:

Children and young people should be encouraged to worship 'in spirit and truth' - developing their own authentic worshipful responses to the Lord. Whilst they can learn how to worship from the example of adults, there is also the danger that this may inhibit their own desire to worship more authentically. Spurgeons is fairly conservative in its worship (somehow that seems like an oxymoron when it written down, but I hope you know what I mean), and so having grown up at Spurgeons I find my natural response in worship is also fairly conservative. There is real value in young people having their own space to worship too.

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Interesting point - I think it probably holds true in our context too ;o)

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Hmm - I believe change is possible, but I can't make them any promises sadly as the final decision won't be mine. I'd like to think there will be an openness to change if I can communicate the needs well.

Thanks for your support!