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Good for you, Seth. I'm glad you added your voice, your intelligence and your values to the campaign. Good luck!

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"The expenditures also include $5,000 to have an outside consultant calculate the financial impact of increasing starting teacher pay to $40,000, a salary request the union has made."

BVSD has an HR superintendent who supervises 4 HR directors who supervise unknown numbers of number crunchers. Why did they need to hire a consultant to do this calculation? The implications are obvious.

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No one is going to build this Academy-style high end senior care facility
in a corn field. This site is not being built in lieu of something in a corn
field. The developers are exploiting all the hard won regulation, historic
preservation and open space purchases that have made the site so
attractive in the first place. I guess we should just hand it over to them
and give them a density bonus to boot.

The neighborhood asked for a variety of housing options and were
ignored by most of the Council. The Academy does not offer a variety
of housing options for anyone except the uber-rich. As you know, it's
the uber-rich who consume the most and have the largest carbon
footprints. Let's attract more of them and see what happens to our
collective footprint . If you're going to approve developments, why not
put some constraints on them so that ordinary working people can live
in them? By granting huge FARs and density bonuses, you're just
pushing land values even higher, perpetuating the problem.

If the City Council wants to reduce our carbon footprint, they will try to
keep as many low income and downright poor people in Boulder as
possible. For example, we should support retaining the low income
families of Orchard Grove, where cars are few, bus riding is common
and utility bills are as low as people can get them. We're going to lose
those families if something doesn't happen very soon. How much are
you exercising your "responsibility to the common good" if you let that
community fall apart? Send a check to the EFAA/Orchard Grove Fund.

If we were getting "creative and beautiful" from developers, that would
be one thing. But we're getting some really vulgar and common
buildings made all the more offensive by their size. Please name a
beautiful building that was built in Boulder in the last five years.

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You didn't answer my question. How does this development help?
None of the seniors there are going to walk down the steep hill to Ideal
and walk back up carrying their groceries. They are going to be
completely dependent on the automobile for everything. You're
welcome to cite the Brookings Institution but you need to extend your
argument to this particular development. This Academy-style, high end
development is not going to replace something in Lafayette, where it
would never be built. Build it near the Transit Village, as Lisa
suggested, so that the residents can take advantage of the transit
options there. Adding density to an inaccessible site will aggravate the
problem, increasing carbon emissions, not decreasing them.

I would welcome the opportunity to have a real debate about the
benefits and costs of density in places like 4th St. The development
community has completely lost credibility on environmental issues by
supporting inappropriate, unwelcome projects that will not reduce
carbon emissions.

If your livelihood depends on building more stuff in Boulder, then I am
sorry, you have chosen an unsustainable profession. The desperate
developers telling us that their luxury condos are going to save the
planet are like coal miners lobbying for continued dependence on coal,
trying to convince us that the answer is clean coal.

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Please explain how adding luxury retirement facilities, equivalent in size to 2 Arete buildings, next to Open Space and far from shops is going to help me or Boulder reduce it's carbon footprint?