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How about the MASH episode when Hawkeye and Hotlips kiss in a mortar while being shelled...
btw - Way to make an Ebert tweet!

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This too shall pass??? There may be no solution and from photos taken down below it appears to be getting worse. Humans are accustomed to always finding a fix to problems, to have it fit into a story arc - it may not happen in this case.

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Would that mean the NAIT Ookpik gets a perfect 67?

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Maybe the two goal myth comes from teams playing kitty by the door with a two goal lead and so changing the style that got them the lead to begin with. The only way to find out would be to pull the scores from, say, 10 years of hockey and analzye the data. Is there a hockey Bill James around? After that we could destroy the momentum myth once and for all....

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Actually, crushing rocks is much more complicated than you realize and involves a lot of planning and quality control. Just saying...

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You stay classy, Thwim.

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You really think the money will go to providing food?????
The program is worded so if someone doesn't like they must be against having poor kids with decent food.
Give me a break.

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Why on earth do we need to spend $120Million to tell us about farmers markets?

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Thank you!!!!! Please go after "momentum" and the use of small sample sizes to prove some lame theory next.....