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okay I really hope people got the joke that "Randy M" left at the end. And the good points he made at the beginning.

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I'd love to see the NHL return in January. But I'd hate to think that something wasn't settled here and will be taken up next time (assuming I still care about it next time). Bettman has done at least one good thing for the league (which I can't think of what it is), but he's done a lot of bad too. I said in the beginning that with Bettman's 2 other lockouts and Fehr's player strike, that this wasn't going to end well, and it looks like I might be right.

I don't understand how baseball has had labor peace since 1995 without either side getting greedy about taking a bigger piece of the pie.

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Chris Berman on the radio? Seriously? Does he even know how to broadcast baseball on the radio?

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the Memorial Day/Independence Day/Labor Day ESPN game scheduling should be interesting because they're committed to tennis on at least 1 channel all 3 of those days, and usually College Football on Labor Day as well.

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if you were re-programming these Olympics, and you could take 1 play-by-play man from either the BBC or OBS (whichever you were able to listen to) to replace someone on NBC's roster, who would it be, and why?

same question for analyst.

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I don't know Grote's work, but from what I've heard, I don't disagree with him being nominated. There was something more magical about Gary Carter. But I agree with you about Piazza.

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that's the idea

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I hope it's back next year. Maybe I'll walk with this one until it wins. But that's a good point about the simple ones. Mine was definitely not simple. I probably would have to look through a photostream of every banner from the field in order to appreciate what the fans did, other than the overall appreciation of what the fans did, which I got at about 10am today when I got on line and was at the edge of the ballpark building and was maybe in the first 1/5 of the banners there.

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oh man. I want to watch Vin Scully call that Giants-Redskins game from 1979

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ok. can someone explain why Notre Dame was playing in a November Bowl game in Tokyo (I think that's what I heard)?

I think the College Football highlights were there because there just wasn't any other place to see them like there is now with all the cable networks showing highlights 24/7.