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I've never read any of Frances Chan's work, but would love to start.

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I'd love the iTunes gift card to purchase apps for my new iPod Touch.

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After having seen up close and personally a friend's marriage fail for infidelity, I'd have to say that I would not even consider taking a ride from another woman alone. In my friend's situation, the couples were close friends, and over the years, my friend and his wife's friend began inching closer and closer to that line. One day they crossed it, and two families and five children were devastated.

I can't / won't tell anyone else how to live, but "as for me and my house", it would not happen. Period.

Aside from avoiding the appearance of evil, don't underestimate the enemy and don't overestimate your ability to resist temptation.

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It's not necessarily about the flesh being "that weak" as much as it is entertaining temptation.

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It's not about appearances. It's about temptation - and avoiding it. I have seen this situation lead to devastating results too many times. It starts innocently, but the temptation is too great.

Most definitely, I would NOT do it. I'd wait for my wife, instead.

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Wow, Adam, you sure can "stir the pot" :)

Personally, I have an issue with seeing church people, especially church leaders drinking and smoking. When I stop to think about it, I guess it's a personal conviction. However, my thoughts go along the line that it's a "be a good example" thing. "don't make someone else stumble" thing.

Unfortunately, my wife has a nephew who was really an anointed worship leader. Long story short, he started drinking, could not stop and is now in prison for things he did to get his fix of alcohol... shoplifting, identity theft, car theft, etc. That may be an extreme example, but I firmly believe that had he never taken that first drink (for whatever reason), he would not be in the situation that he is in. The old adage goes that the alcoholic had to take the first drink at some point. Who knows what his pastor and the church staff thought/did with regard to alcohol. Did they encourage it, set a bad example, look the other way?

The bible calls wine a mocker and warns about strong drink - and says whomever is deceived by it is not wise. I say it's best to not partake. Period. And I hope that I don't become guilty of "judging" those who do. But I have seen the effects and what CAN happen up close and personal.

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sometimes, when you're a man, you wear stretchy pants... in your room. it's for fun.

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I just don't know why I can't make friends...

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IMHO, they are way too violent. Some of the stuff my 7 year old grandson sees/wants, which is mild by comparison, is too much for me. Aside from the pure violence and gore, almost all of them have a demonic-like aspect, too. For me, that is over the top. The zombie/ghost/doom stuff is not welcome in my house in any shape or form. I think we need to take a stand. But some call me an old fuddy-duddy, too.

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Waiting is hard. Especially in this "instant society". Microwaves, instant foods/drinks. Technology has made an already impatient society even more so.

It also takes discipline. It takes an attitude of submission - yielding to a situation that is our of our control.

I believe God rewards our waiting on Him with blessings that we cannot imagine... or contain.

But it's still hard.