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Danny, I do promise to talk about fiscal policy over the coming weeks, both from the big picture, and as it relates to us as individuals, investors, businesses and communities. Devaluation or erosion of money value through the hidden tax of inflation has been with us for decades. Unfortunately, actions of the past months have practically insured major inflation within the coming 1 to 18 months. And the Federal Reserve's recent action as bank of last resort in purchasing debt from our creditor countries seems to leave us in worse position.

I remain hopeful that the incoming administration will understand the impact of both fiscal and monetary actions, but we have not heard that discussion yet. So we will address, particularly from the perspective of how does the business owner, the householder or the community retain their small accrued wealth in the midst of such a coming storm.

You bring much insight to readers, so I hate to see you limited to a few comments. If you have the interest, you are welcome to write a guest post for this blog. And if you have the time and desire, I would enjoy coffee at your convenience.

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Klaus, thanks for joining the conversation. The Burger King parody doesn't do much for me, but I'm glad that its humor strikes your funny bone. If you have any favorite Monty Python clips, please share them. Their humor lit up a whole generation.

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Judy, one of the pleasures of conversations with you, Greg, and others is the identification of opportunities that always emerges in our talks. I look forward to being able to make them available to all of our readers.

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James, you are so accurate in your comment. We all become used to a big brother taking care of us, and too often lose our understanding that we are our brother's keeper. Thanks.

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Danny, I am impressed that you can keep a sense of humor about this. Made me laugh. :) Thanks for your wonderful comments, as always.

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Judy, Thanks for the article.

Dr. Lacy's action is all the more impressive when you consider the recent research supporting why people tend to go along with a majority view, even if that view is objectively incorrect, http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/01/15/social.confo...or the classic obedience research that shows the majority of people will do as told, even when it harms others, http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/12/19/milgram.expe...

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Here's a great Bob & Ray interview on an early David Letterman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5_K8GelSRU

Speaking of Letterman, he sent me a note when he started following me on Twitter (me and 10,000 others, I'm sure), "Thanks for following me! Please don't follow too close, as I tend to make sudden stops. -Dave"

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I agree, Greg. The best wits see our reality, turn it about two degrees and hand it back to us with a grin. We get to choose whether to learn and benefit from their observations or not.

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Judy, I think this is a brilliant article. There are millions of people looking daily for ways to maintain by purchasing quality services and products at the best prices. Most of them will gladly purchase from someone they trust if the quality, price and delivery are comparable to the market.

The network marketer who understands 1) the need to sell their products and support their customers, then 2) the subsequent advantage of providing the same business opportunity to others, is the business person who will succeed.

And those who follow their passion are the truly successful ones. Congratulations to Jim for realizing his purpose and path in life. I once was offered to purchase a demolition company at a great price, but could not visualize myself as successful with the junkyard that was the integral part of the business.

I look forward to #2 next week. Thanks.

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Thanks, Danny.

I imagine it was a lonely position for Dr. Krugman to take early in President Bush's first administration. I am pleased that President-elect Obama appears to be taking advice from him and other critical thinkers.