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Awesome! have wonderful adventures and safe travels. If you are ever in the same city I am(LA as of next month), you always have a place to stay.

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Cool. I hadnt heard of it, I'll take a look. Thanks for the suggestion

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A friendly throw down :)

How about the smaller hands on event? I'd really like to see that happen. We could build something that has been built before but use it as a chance to explore new tools. Project ideas?

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I grew up in Los Alamos, I live in Santa Fe and work for a startup up that has several employees based in Albuquerque. I'll see you at one of the events this week. Have a great time in New Mexico.

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I'm not sure, I've only run Evernote Desktop.

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Once we get a chance to edit the video. But we didnt get everything. The camera stopped in the middle of the show somewhere, and we didnt know.

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When you install the HP software on OS X it comes with an app called "HP Scan Destinations" which lets you setup scan to Evernote, or any other application that you have on your computer.

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Hi Neighbor!

Thanks for taking a look at the site. I havent done much to promote it yet, how did you find it?

Great list, I took care of a bunch of these tonight. #4 I completely agree with, arrows would go a long way in making the slideshow function clearer. And it is the current plan to move that to the home page... once I take the video down (probably soon)

#7 is interesting, I need to integrate my logins with wordpress. Until I do that..

I built it using CodeIgniter with a Mysql DB. The news section is wordpress. I have a dedicated virtual server with Media Temple, on which I host sites, and this.

We should talk more about it sometime... I'll be around next week. You should try out the pool table too :)

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Awesome, glad this was still useful. Let me know if you can think of a few more small things that it would be nice to have a plugin for, I'd like to add some more features to this, and then upload it to wordpress.org

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Hey Andrew,

I initially tried to do this setup on my windows xp machine, but the HP tools didnt work, and I ran out of patience to get them to work. So I installed their OS X version on my macbook, andI havent had any problems with it since.

I'm guessing that some of the features I take about are only available for the Mac version.