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Definitely a sick show with some top-notch customizers. Dril, mad props bro for your work, definitely one of my favorite customizers out there right now!!

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The level on Rsin's work gets raised with each piece.

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Samurai = hands down best one! Just being partial to my Japanese fascination!

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For real Spanky? Definitely taking care of the community here, much appreciated!

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They running these in vinyl or plastic? Just wondering for the heating factor with sculpey...been working on a trexi lately that had some melting...

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Ha, finally able to get onto the site. Must be my connection at the office. Props to KR and John for hooking it up with such an awesome giveaway!

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Yeah this is an awesome approach to a 3A piece!! Still gotta pop my 3A cherry, hope to do that soon!

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There has been a lot of buzz about this on the boards and people claim they know who it is...I personally haven't been able to figure it out, but I have a few ideas...most of which I am not familiar with the things they have done.

Still yet to be completely blown away by any KR releases this year...

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Another Gloomy Bear piece??

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This might sound totally crazy, but Kidrobot and collecting vinyl might very well have saved my marriage and my job...

I will admit, I was a WoW addict...played way too much and that was causing some major rifts between my wife and I...especially since at the time we just had our first son. I was also being a total addict and playing/reading/researching the game while at work. A ton of threats where made and a few were actually carried out when it came to the game, until I was introduced to Kidrobot's Dunnys by a friend at work.

After lurking on the forums for a while, I started to see what the collecting was all about and how people were creating customs. At that time I also had a really big urge to get back to creating artwork outside of my normal 9-5 job. That was something I hadn't done for a few years since graduating from EIU. Needless to say I took to the scene pretty hard, started collecting, started making customs, building some friendships on the forums and in the vinyl community and STOPPED playing WoW at the same time.

Gotta say, I don't miss WoW at all - vinyl collecting, creating, etc. is far more rewarding and have made some great connections out of it. It has pushed me to grow as an artist, a graphic designer, be a better father and husband...