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Thanks Mitchell. I appreciate the perspective or RfHR and have worked with them as well as the foundation at times in the past. In my experience, that's not really the case with the foundation or the Corries themselves, who I think have been pretty clear, and have worked with Israeli human rights groups on numerous occasions.

I haven't see anything that's supportive of any sort of military aggression to Israelis that they've ever said. In talks I've seen that they've maintained that the situation also poses a threat to Israeli security. However, I think what comes off as different here is the avoidance of implying parity in the conflict, of which there isn't any when you have an occupying force that can and does control every aspect of life in the occupied lands, which Gaza is still part of until it has actual autonomy.

I would also point out that while that seems to be the view of David Forman, both Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights in Israel, and Rabbi Brian Walt, Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights in North America, disagree with Forman's assessment of the foundation.

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the center bit should have a green liquid that displays how much space is left.

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The link should be working pretty spiffy now. If you don't get forwarded to the right place for some reason, go here: http://drop.io/drew3000/asset/d3

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So far so good. I like the site integration thus far. Will be interesting to see how it networks with other lbogs using this.