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Well I never get a woozy, euphoric feeling from drinking a bottle. And anyone that is buying and drinking a pasteurized version obviously does not get the point of drinking it at all. Time to start going super local~ making your own. That shit can be as alcoholic as you please~

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I said triceps once above and I meant trapezius~
Also, my new office location is 1800 30th St. Ste 207 in Boulder.
contact # 636.399.8220
and my new blog describes all the new techniques I am using:

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Being veggie also does not always mean healthy either. If it's not done properly, it can be very unhealthy for your body. I've known many a veggie to quit after many years, or start eating meat every now and again because they felt like their body REALLY needed it. We were designed to eat meat. The current meat making practices are a very good reason to stop and protest - but there is meat out there where the animals are treated as they should be that you can purchase and eat. Biodynamic meat, for example, is wonderful and available. We should not be made ashamed of eating meat-but we should be more mindful of where that meat comes from. And most of America could use less meat. I only eat it like once or twice a week-any more and i feel weighed down, any less (with vigourous activity) and I feel like I need it to rebuild.
All in all, the ad is so wrong. For many reasons. Just like PETA to take it a little too far.

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apparently, skateboarding is a crime.
this was in frisco, co. the laws regarding this are the same in boulder.
my friend got pulled over in frisco recently by FIVE patrol cars for riding down the street. (and traffic there is minimal and at 20mph with lots of bikers-it would seem ok to get yourself to the end of main st on a board). you can guess from the reaction in the video above what he had to deal with.