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11 years ago @ The Tea Party Economist - U.S. Government Siezes... · 0 replies · +2 points

Government will never give up control of currency. If government can't control the currency, they can't borrow against it, print it or manipulate it to acquire and retain power.

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The DNR shouldn't be supported, the staff should be fired. In this economy, with the problems facing this state and country, and our jails adding to that debt - it's absolutely stupid to pursue this case. Absolutely stupid. Show some common sense, people.

12 years ago @ gShift Labs Inc. - The Hierarchy of Web P... · 1 reply · +2 points

This is a solid post... but I would argue that it does make SEO 'as we know it' dead. The tried and true measures of using densities and backlinks is no longer what's driving search rankings. For many SEO companies, that was their only bag of tricks. Getting the average SEO company to fully comprehend human behavior, word of mouth, and social promotion may be impossible. It's no longer a math problem, it's a human one.

13 years ago @ Kyle Lacy, Social Medi... - Egypt's Social Media R... · 0 replies · +1 points

There's some evidence that mobile phones actually helped crumble the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR. The more information is provided freely, the more difficult it is to hide the truth and keep people in chains. I don't believe it's necessarily a 'social media revolution', I believe it's more a 'freedom of information' revolution. If the country had been blacked out, no doubt Mubarak would have brought in thugs as has Libya to tame the revolution.

13 years ago @ Kyle Lacy, Social Medi... - 25 Case Studies Using ... · 1 reply · +1 points

This is 25 examples, but I hardly see these as case studies. There's no input as far as time, strategy, resources required, nor the long and short-term business resources. A case study is a comprehensive guide... not just a paragraph. I say this with respect, of course. :)

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Are you mixing entrepreneurship with funding? Funding is all about the exit. Entrepreneurship is all about the entrance.

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Yes, yes it is.

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@SM Rockstar - I don't think you have to make money to be a rockstar, do you? Personally, I've done quite well with writing, blogging, speaking and social media consulting... but I don't think that's a prereq. Scotty from @brewhouse should be on this list - he doesn't make money from #SM, but he's definitely a rockstar when it comes to leveraging the medium.

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You bet, Paul! It's a great book - glad you're putting it on the list.

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Thanks Oscar! Interesting that we still need ammunition, isn't it?