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Unfortunately the original thread on FriendFeed has been deleted.

As you could imagine the evolution of the discussion transcended the original intent and the author decided to cut it off.

I would say that a very good summary can be found here:

My personal opinion is that two interesting things happened.

The first one is that the net reacted to the news trying to help someone which was clearly going to hurt herself.

The second one is that we need to talk about this issue, not just Paola's issue, more and more.

And finally, if that was news, is that some dynamics of the net have been, again, confirmed.

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I agree with what you write.

Depending on manufacturer and product the industry accepted return rate may vary from 1% to 3%.

In this case if we look at the issues that customers had with the product software and the return rate that seems to be high we can say that execution has not been brilliant.

As a more general consideration I can say that many manufacturer have lowered their quality standards in recent time and that is definitely a very bad sign.