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what kind of behavior do you expect from the "Raider Nation"?

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I wonder what all the race baiting liberals would say when we are so racist that we elect Herman Cain?
now THAT would be fun to watch as the liberals and progressives get all their undies in a bunch....

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government promises are worth a bucket of warm spit

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well the "reverend" Al preached his first sermon at age FOUR. he does not seem to have EVER attended a seminary he seems to hold his current credentials transferred from when he was a child preacher. makes me wonder what his ordination is really worth? Sounds a lot like the Universal Life Church, they will ordain ANYTHING that breaths....

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this is so simple I cannot understand how you people don't get it. Of course unemployment and stimulus creates jobs, they figure that money did not EXIST before they gave it out. Since we would have spent that money had it not been taken from us is NOT in the equation!

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she ALWAYS takes point walking ahead of the humvees checking for IEDs.....

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nope, they played Nearer my God to Thee as the Titanic was going down and all perished

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If I could sell my house, I would be a BLUR leaving this hell hole, cut the cops BUT keep letting illegals pay in state tuition, etc. Governor moonbeam is so in the pockets of the unions that he cannot cut where it needs to be cut. Most of the state union employees make more than the non union people that pay their salaries and pensions

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confuse me, but she is NOT running for public office and does NOT hold a public office, so just WHAT is the problem if she was actually endorsing a product or company?

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Nixon had John Dean, Obama has Eric Holder and I suspect Holder WILL NOT fall on his sword to protect a Obama... Holder is no G Gordon Liddy