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have they ever experienced good times?

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looks sober to me

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calmer than you, dude

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so did they finally move the sail boat? i drive by there at least twice a day and haven't noticed. the last time I talked to Anne that's where she thought it would be constructed. Such a rad thing this greenhouse is going to be for such a rad farm. You failed to mention the battery operated harvest truck they use out there, "et," which is charged every night . . . or not.

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so what exactly differentiates a 'mall crawl' from what ensues every halloween on Pearl St., which from my experience is hordes of people in costume having a good time?

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move to Colorado Springs. Viva La Mall Crawl!

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mark and mel are absolutely great people. they do their best to establish healthy relationships with the communities they purchase coffee from thus the community benefits from their business. you might think no one needs it but people are still going to consume it and enjoy it. I for one will continue to support conscious coffee because not only are they amazing folks but they are putting forth a solid effort to contribute positive change to an industry notorious for all of the reasons previously mentioned. they also support local farmer's whole heartedly so even during their daily lives they try to be conscientious about their decisions.