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The Central Banks, our congress, senate, local politicians and media, UN, all listen to the political mouth of the NWO. We the people are out of the loop. They think they have all the control they need - but they are wrong. They will never have the Tea Party, don't buy that it's official anything, we will follow the Constitution.

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BS, we will have him nullified. He didn't get elected, all the votes have never been counted, he didn't even allow the military vote. The vote results were rigged. The GOP physically removed Ron Paul in Tampa. It sounds like either you don't read and only post or your a paid troll.

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You're falling for that "divide and conquer" BS. Obama prints it, gives it away, and adds to our debt. He wants us bankrupt beyond repair so the Central Banks, the UN and the NWO can take over.

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17T in debt and "the money is running out fast"? Get a grip dad. Free Foreign Aid to our enemies? Read a little dad. What are you trying to do?

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I get at least one a week of these.
Your Full Name:
Your Complete Address:
Direct Tele: Number:
Mobile Number:

As soon as I see this I know they know nothing about me but my email address. It started with Paypal, I sent it to them, they confirmed it was phishing. Delete..

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“You will be notified as soon as the Federal Election Commission takes final action on your complaint,”

It seems that if you read between the lines the Federal Election Commission is saying the election part is over. It's not over until all the votes are counted. The results of the election have been given a bit prematurely. They don't want to count the rest of the votes.

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I like the Liberty Crier's articles but they won't let me sign any of them like "Nullify Obamacare" unless I join Facebook. Who's side are they on anyway. So I came here to vent. I'm for Hawaii getting out of this Socialist Union.

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obamacare - romneycare, romney = obama You've all seen the comparison videos. Sick of it yet? GOP and Dem have been the same for 50 years. I'm sick of it. Vote Gary Johnson, he's on the ballot in 47 states, obama is keeping him out of two with law suits. Vote to stop this BS, vote Libertarian, vote Johnson, he will follow the Constitution like Ron Paul. He will nullify this obamacare BS.

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obama's a muslim, a cheat and a liar, arrest him for his treasonous actions.

We sent our Congressman and Senators to DC, why can't we demand they come home and don't go back? I'm tired of hearing they won't do anything we want them to do. I say bring them home now.
They are fired. Don't tell me we can't do that. And don't tell me that now one else has thought of that.

Get behind that Conservative Majority PAC. If people we elect are behind not getting rid of Obama like we want, get rid of them.
If they can't see that Obama is keeping our military from voting, get rid of them. More then 50% of our population voted for Ron Paul in our caucus and he wasn't even mentioned in our Maui News. With the record Congress has had since 2008, way more than 50% will say "bring them home, and don't let them go back."

To all of you individual causes asking me for money, your all in one bunch now. Obama caused you're problem and we can't get rid of him. Let's get rid of those that are closer to home. Our Congress and Senate won't get rid of him so we get rid of them. Post some polls, start some campaigns, get one big group together. All of you after one thing, get our Congress and Senate home and don't let them go back.

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I, and others will not vote for evil liars. We will reinstate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, nullify Agenda 21, nullify NDAA. obama's and romney's stance is the same on issues.
Others like, Ben the concealer, Mitt the flip and obama the liar. I want to balance the budget and audit the Fed. I want to bring the troops home and end the unconstitutional wars, obama and romney like spending 1/3 of our GNP on the military complex. Ike warned us about it, If you want to save our country vote Gary Johnson, he does not lie, he will follow the Constitution.