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Jon Stewart and 'brilliant' is such a oxyMORON that I can't believe you would tie the two together. He is a comic, not a political pungent. But if that's all you got left---empty the gun.

Good Lord we are in trouble when you go to get you news from Comedy Central. Bawahhahahahahahaha

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I am middle aged, disabled. Over the course of my life I should have died like 3 times by now, but for some reason God keeps me alive.

So, I guess I am living my life 'My Way', until I find out what I'm really supposed to do.


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Oh Crap don't quit on me! I know it's a pain in the butt. The dropping kills me and I get your point about moving up in rankings, but whats a poor blogger to do?

We need to stick together. Bitch more on their one way forum?

You really do meet some great people and when friends drop out, it's so hard to stay in touch.

Have a great weekend...


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The President is a Obamanation. Tough crap there is a chain of command. When history books are written they will say that McChrystal was a smart dude.


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Kirk you have done it once again. Now your a soothsayer too! Even the heavyweight punditry of the lame stream, and main street media didn't get it.

But yes, he is being thrown under the bus. But, I ask you by whom? The puppet-masters that put him there? (Soros) (Stern) (Unions).

Mostly HE himself, and his minions (Pelosi) (Reid) (Emanuel) (Axelrod) are doing it. His whacko left base is pushing the bus, but it is WE THE PEOPLE, that will ultimately roll him under it. First this November when we HAVE A CHANCE, to shatter the majority. Then it is US again come 2012, to end this Obamamantion.


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Thank You for the story. Walking/Interviewing any President, even Jimmy Carter(never voted for him either), is sooocoool. I wish I had your resume!

And I always thought Helen was a crazy ol' bag, even before she got relic old.


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Gov. Christie is part of the problem, not a solution. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
A Progressive posing as a Conservative. He could not win as a Republican, so he switched his cloth. Fire his ass, and let him survive in the real world.


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Obama and his 'crew', are not going to go quietly. They only care what they think/want.

It's what Glenn Beck calls it, 'Crime Inc.

Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

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Are You High??

Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

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Hey vjack! Good Morning, Happy Sunday!

I respect your right to say, whatever you want--except yell fire, in a crowded movie theater.

However, don't you even you find the term 'teabagger' A little offensive? I know, I do---And I say lot's of Shit!. 'teabagger' would be offensive to me, even if it were my side calling your side---'teabagger'. I might have to pull out a 55gal drum of 'WhoopAss' on em'.

Let' bring the discourse back to where it belongs---like calling Bush an 'idiot'---Cheney 'Evil'---9/11 a 'Conspiracy'. Just as a favor, drop the 'teabagger'. OK?.

Don't 'moderate' me cause that's just not nice {:>)

Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello