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It is past time that the United States and other interesed nations come together and DEMAND that Israel open the Gaza border and give it control of its water, power , and sea and air lanes. Who is Israel to be the final say in what Gaza does? I am tired of our tax monies going to pay for such collective punishment. Cut Israel off now and let it float out there alone. If a few rockets continue, the other countries should decide what is to be done, proportionally, not Israel by itself.

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Antiwar is to be congratulated for letting us know what is really going on, and has been going in Israel re: the occupation. It is time that Israel retreats completely to the Green Line OR the US should distance itself from it. Israel has become our enemy rather than our friend, and it is time that the US does what is in its best interest in the Middle East. Obama has it right, and the world knows it.