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Now it will, if I log in via front page meta link. Problem with redirect back after logging in with wordpress, or Kindle Silk, or both. BROWSER behaviors on Pc are all different when dealing with WP login

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Thank you , Bill.

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Thank you for your reply. I certainly had the sense that you could engage me in the segway I took from just one phrase of your article. And I could have expressed that a little less as a "yes BUT" and more as a "yes AND". I can get overly protective of the "spirtitual potential" of online community, and push back on ideas that may well, as it seems to be the case here, would largely affirm the "issue" on which I push back. So, thank you for your further elaboration. Here is a fine example of the limitations of articles/blog posts/single theme essay. The fact that there is an avenue for you to discover my post via the trackback blog feature (or however it might have happened) and post a further comment/reply is what I consider to be a welcomed and needed component for theological conversation, since it is all "Too Big To Know" and thus too big for us to encompass with the media of traditional print. Your blog post breaks out from the traditional limitations of print when it includes the avenue for interaction, which is what is nice about blogs, and then the vast sea of "social tools" helps widen the reach of our thoughts so that others will find them (which I did via Twitter, from whence I came to read your post. I probably could have introduced my post more accurately as "Nice post, which started me thinking about ........" but that doesn't fit into a brief title, especially for Twitter's space. Thanks Ellie!

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Thank you , Allan. I appreciate your words and the comment.

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Even though I myself have to end up using terms like "virtual", "authentic", and "real" when describing Virtual Community (for that matter, even the word "community") , I think their usage and their assumptions are what is helpful for us to explore. There are some things that happen online that I think actually surpass what has been, for some reason or another, yet to be provided in ONE PERSON's experience of church. So in cases like those, it is apt to say that the online context that enables something freeing or liberating to an individual could well be described as more "real" than what was happening on that issue in a face to face setting. Likewise, relationships in face to face church meetings and events can be "virtual"; which is to say "not quite real", or not quite "authentic". We hide things, and others hide from us.
But I do, at the end of the day, lay that on the table as what OUGHT to be happening face to face, and that the ONLINE experience brings that to light as a judgment of sorts. What barrier or barriers were overcome in an online setting should be taken as challenge by the face to face instances. Just as we should remain cognizant of how words communicated through a screen detached from their "speaker's" physicality and social and non-verbal cues, thus bringing to the "virtual" setting some aspect of a better "simulation" of ...uh.....REAL or FTF conversation.

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Thanks Kurt. I think I agree with you, but would want some further unpacking of what you meant by "the boundaries of such (community happening online) are much tighter than enfleshed community." and also in what way "the Web" is OTHER than "here and now"

I fully intend to check out both of Shane Hipps' books (also "Flickering Pixels" in additon to the one you mention)

I talked to Aiden Enns, editor of Geez magazine via Skype (and I still intend to get that up online pretty soon) and we talked about Geez' "Cyber" issue from last year.

I have a sense that you and I would agree on a lot. I'm interested at some of the "people sciences" studies that can inform our theologizing about the nature and effects of "online/virtual community" as it plays out in the church.

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Dude. Your "home finance" examples are apples and oranges. Families and small businesses don't have options and measures available to them like our government does. And no, jobs have to come first. How else is ANYTHING going to get going in this economy? I myself continue to borrow money to e able to do somehing now to enable me to build and do business.
And there is NOT a lack of capital . You missed the lessons in economic history that we saw when FDR created public works, which enabled the economy to grow. And guess what? When the Republicans and public pressure to be more concerned about spending slowed that program, the economy and GDP went down. So you seem to continue to carry some ideology with your economics that jst hasn't played out in actual history. Like taxing upper incomes destroys jobs, when the opposite has been the case for the last 30 years. Yes, the government CAN help. And yes, you do have to keep spending (if you're a government trying to get the economy back on its feet, and you are not an individual or small business with a whole lot less status than the actual engineers of the economy itself. It's simply not the same. And the comparisons trying to make it seem so are deceptive measures propagandized enough that enough people believe them. I tend to listen to leading economists on this, and this is what they are saying.
And it seems that like so many times before, you and I are not going to see eye to eye. But thanks for commenting.

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You: "But, when it comes to govt. spending, the wallet is empty" Nonsense. Remember "debt ceiling"? What is that? We just RAISED it. There is money /credit to use, and in order to get jobs, we HAVE to have governmnt works projects, since the corps are CLEARLY not hiring. But there is NO recovery without getting people back to work. Cutting off all spending is just a pipe dream. And it is absolutely vital to get jobs back. You've bought into a bunch of bunk, my friend. An economist at Cornell suggested Public Works, which is MUCH cheaper than the cost of ongoing unemployment of those people who could fill those public works jobs. On the order of 10 times cheaper. Go do your homework, dude

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Also, this was not the mainstream media in this video. It's a video uploaded by an individual, and it depicts exactly what is happpening where the most hubristic, brazen example of the radically insane agenda of the "austerity" folks is on display. This was at the Wisconsin State Fair. The people there are fed up, and about to recall senators next week. Also, those calling for austerity do so only for "out there", in the political world, and have no intention of undertaking any austerity themselves. Paul Ryan can spend multiple hundreds on wine in one sit down, and then call for cuts that affect the poorest folks. I find that despicable. People like this should not be making decisions that they themselves are not clueless about the conditions of folks who must bear the consequences of those proposed cuts. It is behavior and lack of connection at this level that must be shouted down and brought to light so that the American people can see the TWO AMERICAS these people are attempting to build.

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Also, The Republicans ( I dont lump all Conservatives in with this GOP crop) are not talking about the real problems either. All they have is ideological stances that have been showing ZERO evidence of being correct over 30 years (like lowering taxes on the rich produces jobs. The exact opposite has occurred. If yo want to question that, then go consult the actual budget figures and get back to me.