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Even the secular sciences argue this is a good way to end the day:


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The video link is updated.

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While some may claim Augustine was converted by Ambrose's rhetoric, you nailed it - the preaching of the Gospel converted Augustine. Apologetics without Gospel preaching only makes deists.

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I agree. The problem with relevance as the primary criteria for church practice is that it is horizontal (man-man) in orientation. Liturgy properly speaking is God serving man. The only relevant thing is God forgiving and restoring us to himself in Jesus Christ.

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This would be especially helpful for the seminarian. Depression is the sort of thing that we ought to examine/be examined during the duration. Your section on coping during seminary hit too close to home.

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French Press - Yup, that's how you do it. Works great.

Panini press - I've wanted one but I'm not sure how ubiquitous it would be. See: George Foreman grill

Heating pad - that's an old tip. The yogurt thing is from ten years ago. He uses the heating pad for warming tortillas too.

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I agree. Anne has ZERO desire to see it. Perhaps I can get away before I leave for France.

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Next time? I don't think so. That will be call service. It's totally solemn. :)

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Its not clear from the Reporter article. I haven't figured out what is the altar either.

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Since I love talking to myself, here is another:

What is the liturgy in CFW Walther's view?