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thanks so much for your lovely review, nicole! you captured the feeling of the space and event so well. i'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, and that i got a chance to talk w/ you.

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this was an amazingly talented, ridiculous and shameless show - these are a few of my favorite things. portland queers represent the tastiest flavors, and this show was a smorgasbord, for sure!

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i attended the same 2 breakout sessions, for similar reasons - i want to be safe, and help keep others safe. i feel strongly that knowledge is power, as is coming together, and skill sharing, and tribal consciousness. i was very impressed w/ the entire town hall process - as well as the quality and amount of info the session presenters were able to share - and hope to see all the breakout sessions represented not just w/ longer workshops/presentations later, but also as part of our overall portland queer dialog/activism as we keep moving forward.

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yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! thanks perry, this is a lovely monday morning treat!