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This would be amazing. I think key to making this really useful would be a Press-This style bookmarklet for adding links. Also awesome (but less important): screenshots of links and template tags to make your bookmarks front-end accessible.

If I get bored over the next couple of weeks, I may take a crack at this :P

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Re: geoblocking

Thankfully, Canadian networks are starting to host full episodes of the shows they air, on their own sites. It's definitely not as convenient as Hulu (where nearly all shows are accessible through one site) and only a small subset of shows are available. But at least it's a start...


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If it does go down the Twitter road, I imagine it will be something akin to OpenSocial; not really a Twitter copy, but rather services/tools that enable micro-blogging and combine the power of Blogger, Picasa, Google Friend Connect, etc.

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Facebook group member counts can be misleading. To participate in the discussion within a group or post on its wall, you have to become a member. If I was someone staunchly against "Save the Earth from Global Warming" movement, I would join the group to voice my arguments; this obviously ups the member count though, but not accurately so because at least 1 of the 10,000 members would not be supporting the cause.

On the note of online movements creating change, I finally listened to my backlog of podcasts and the post-Canada '08 election show made a claim that Internet vote swapping actually won the NDP a seat in Alberta: