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Great stuff, Bernie! This post couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

I just launched a new service today for chiropractors that focuses on building effective landing pages with CTAs that can be tied into their websites and/or blogs. Without a strong lead generation approach that focuses on capturing names and email addresses, most doctors will remain frustrated and confused on why their websites aren't producing results.

I'll definitely point to this post as an additional resource.

12 years ago @ Rediscovering the Church - What is Hosting? · 1 reply · +1 points

I love it!

I think you've given an extremely easy explanation to what many newbies and non-techies consider a nightmare of a topic.

Nicely done and I'll be sure to ReTweet it via Twitter.

By the way, I enjoy the purpose and focus of your blog. Glad to see a brother in Christ using technology to share the Gospel of Christ in such a refreshing way.

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Thank you, Karyn, for this timely post.

As more and more of life is moving online, I believe the key is balance. As a father and husband, it's my desire to provide not only quality time with my children and wife but also enough time.

Because of your post I'm re-evaluating my schedule to make sure I keep first things first. I particularly like number seven on your list. What a great idea that I'd like to implement!

God Bless!

12 years ago @ Michael Hyatt Blog - Don’t Leave the “S... · 2 replies · +3 points

Great post, Peter!

I'm amazed at how marketers have simply moved their outbound strategies and tactics from traditional to online vehicles.

For example, just take a look at Twitter. Instead of including "social" within marketers' tweets, we get inundated with auto and SPAM bots that just regurgitate meaningless tweets pitching some product or "get rich quick" scheme. This is a guaranteed unfollow and block! :-D

If people want to get the most out of social media, they must remember to join in on the conversation. That is one of the reasons why I follow and read Michael Hyatt's tweets and posts. He's interesting, personal and actually participates in the conversation.

I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Peter. Keep up the great writing!

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The concept of "FREE" on the Internet has been around for sometime. One example is how marketers use it to exchange prospect email addresses via simple email opt-ins for a free PDF ebook or White Paper.

However, I'm curious to see how far Chris takes this concept because I don't believe people are innately looking online for more free information. Matter of fact, I don't believe they're even looking for information to increase their knowledge. What they're looking for is information that provides them the benefits of knowledge because it's the benefits of knowledge that ultimately meets their wants and desires.

As you can tell, I'm of the mindset that content is extremely valuable. Whether it be text-based, audio or video, if it provides value, people will pay for it. Nevertheless, I'm curious to read about Chris's epiphany -- even if I go against my own mindset and receive it FREE. ;)

Thanks for your consideration!

13 years ago @ Michael Hyatt Blog - How Can You Get Publis... · 2 replies · +2 points

Thank you, Michael, for an excellent post!

Just like Donald Kendall once said, "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

It takes a great deal of blood, sweat and tears to land a book deal. And, what better way to establish yourself than through a blog. Many entrepreneurs have utilized blogging as the platform that propelled them forward toward meeting their business goals.

I applaud your sound advice and simple-to-follow steps to success. I just hope that the individual that emailed you will learn from your wisdom and apply it within her own set of circumstances.