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My camera to document and for the locals, as Seinfeld use to say "I will show you the Stooges"

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He poked me in the eye!

Captain Insano shows no mercy.

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Lucas's funeral video tribute.

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Angels and Demons 2009's Vantage Point

It’s almost as if he’s punishing us for thinking he is again capable of making competent, enjoyable movies (Frost/Nixon) and then getting mad that it didn’t make big money. So it’s like he is thinking “good movie, bad grossings. Shitty movie, excellent grossings . It wasn’t even like they really gave a shat, it’s like they knew the average moviegoer would think, “Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Ewan McGregor, this must be a great movie and anything I see on screen is unquestionably amazing”.

The pacing was excruciatingly long, making it feel like the movie lasted at least four and a half hours. It seemed like it would take 30 minutes to get to some important clue and it wouldn’t be like “oh my gosh, aahhh”, but more like “oh, your still watching” then it would zoom in on 1 of 4 looks of puzzlement on Tom Hanks face. There didn’t seem to be any urgency, as if everything was a normal day at work and there was nothing to get excited about and you never have sense that anything is at stake. The character were highly uninteresting and went about there ways as much, so that when something happened to one of them there was little reason to care. The irritatingly dumb dialogue didn’t help, “that completely obvious clue that was mentioned 4 times, not just 5 mins ago, I am now able to comprehend, do you also comprehend that rational clue. Now that you mention it I do". Early on it appeared that McGregor might be the bright spot of the whole ordeal, only to have that wane and culminate into the hilariously saddening climax. Plot holes and implausibility’s were thrown around like a key to good film making. For whatever reason don’t stop to ask questions, just shoot the guy, and doors connecting secret passageways, should always have the keys in them waiting to be turned. The musical score was all “oh my god, super suspenseful action/ultra revelatory shit going on” magnifying the absence of suspense.

Overall learned that Ron Howard had an utter lack of contempt for the audience’s intelligence; in that the only way an average person could enjoy a movie, was for him to make them an average movie (which he failed to do). That sad part about that is that he will be vindicated with big grossings. Tom Hanks/Ewan McGregor need the money/don't give a shit any more Camerlengo's have loads of free time

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I think this is what it might of sounded like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxs2D0wLD8g&fe...

PS cant wait till the sex tape comes out comes out in Febtober

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Im just glad I'm not the only one that wears the same exact clothes I was wearing +4 years ago.

On another note not at all related to this, I almost pounded my aunts face into a jelly, today, like 40 mins ago. But it would have been for a good reason, she made me miss the first hour of Sunny. Well not the whole hour, the last 40 mins but still, she would have deserved it and I would have loved it. So instead of TWO FULL HOURS of Sunny, I now get 1 hour 20 mins.

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Here's some rapingly good photos of the ceremony I stumbled upon. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/08/2008_oly...

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I could go to Catholic school, maybe just for the supposed hot school girls but, I don't know if thats a myth or not. Not that I would have a chance or anything. But do Christian schools have hot chicks or is it just anti-monkey fuckers.

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If any thing the phrase "we couldn't take the complaining anymore" should be immediately fallowed by "the children were then savagely beaten by the haggard parent(s), back to you Chaz".

Josh's monologue imideaitly brought this to mind <a href="http://www.adultswim.com/video/?episodeI... " target="_blank">http://www.adultswim.com/video/?episodeID=8a25c39... Really though, with motivational speaking like Josh's shouldn't be wasted on one child but spread to many like Ebola eroding their spirits. He could be the white Jules of hockey or the the Sgt. Hartman or little league.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrevhAkQWiw&fe...

Another note, I misread "eat proper foods" as "eat pooper foods" like 12 times in the above post.

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I wouldn't have believed that had it not happened to me and my mom, to-fucking-day. Not only was it my first time in a chik-fila, but we used a coupon for free food and got another coupon for free food, a moment I Indian teared at. There's also a celebrity moment that almost happened but thats another longer, weirder, more jacked up story, so I do the short version. I saw someone who looked like Ryan Gosling.