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Dear MP: That's my fault, not the author's. I posted it too quickly, without seeing that her name was sometimes misspelled. I've fixed it now. Thanks for your close attention. -- Dick

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For a couple of years I've been jotting down my thoughts on this topic with the hopes that eventually I'd be able to write about it. The "it" I am referring to is the way black young men are treated in this country. You are right to say that black men contend with far more that we want to recognize. I too am the mother of a black man. I learned from my 32 yr old son, just this week, that when he was 8 yrs old he was verbally assaulted by adult white men who told him that niggers don't belong in their town.

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Thank you for the correction. We fixed it.

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This is an absolutely brilliant piece -- alternative news sources are our last saving grace

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I'd say it's deadly serious, but is making its points in a satirical way.

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This satirical piece was written by Dr. Farley is in response to the outlandish remarks made by Bishop Williamson. This is not a serious piece.

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The New York Post's decision to run the cartoon is merely a reflection of a national attitude toward blacks that is slow to change. While there have been major advancements made in race relations in this country, we still have far to go before we can claim to be a nation that values all of its citizens in the same way.