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Absolutely IMPEACH OBAMIAC! Impeach, make ineligible, anyway possible to come against this clear and present danger to our country!

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Cannot the American citizen's cry out for his impeachment now? Every contact to Reps & Senators should include our demand for his impeachment! He is a clear and present danger to our freedom, the freedom that the blood of the dear sons of America fought to win.

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This bill, HR3200 is nothing short of outrages and will turn our beloved America into a Communist nation overnight. I don't know that all of America actually knows what is in there, but it is horrendously alarming, everyone should get on utube and play the video on this bill, like NOW.

Also, it's my understanding that for Obamanation, or is that Obamiac to write and submit the bill to the Senate himself is unconstitutional, but then so much of what he does is. So may I please ask, what is the penalty for violating our constitution continually? Is this not treason and should not the people cry out for his impeachment?

Thank God that the Dim Senators are falling apart, keep praying, with a flood of calling, faxing and emailing your opposition to this bill everyday for the next month, which is all the time we have left to fight, SO FIGHT, FIGHT HARD and never give up! Contact all your political activist friends to do the same across this nation! Make your voice heard, do it NOW!