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One has to fear for these commited women.

We know what they face in an Iranian prison.

We should bomb the guard section of all the women prisons in Iran.

(would the Dem bastards require us to declare war first ?)

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Grover, married ti a "palestinean", is a stinker from the last movie.

In his case, sleeping with the enemy is sleeping with himself.

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If you listen closely to Pat Condell, one will realize why he is not a reliable friend for free speech and liberty:

He is stuck with misconceptions of what the right is, what fascism is, what constitutes liberty.

He says what he says very well. But beware.

Fascism is a leftist ideology.

Pat Condell is stuck in the middle, and the middle of a steaming pile of unowhat.

He will not make liberty, or those who would follow him, safe.

Sorry, No cigar.

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Now if only we could get a power struggle amongst the Mullahs in Iran, and we could watch their bodies pile up.....

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Could we get notalent Cockburn singing the communist internationale ( which he learned at his mammy's knee) ?

And this guy tells a mean joke, albeit a little offcolour.

How does one spell Disgusting Limousine Liberal ? Cockburn.

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Hey truthbetold, where did you get your lying monniker ?

If you had any coin (methinks you are still living in your mom's basement) I would bet you that the serial lying Alinski thug with the hidden birth certificate, Barrie Hussein Soetero, not only is going down, but has already gone down.

You are as believable as he is.

And Gary, socialism is beautiful, but deadly. And it never never works.

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Yah, and I spotted Elvis in a suburban supermarket last week.

When Al Quaida by deception killed our great Afghan ally and leader (Masood ?) , before 9/11, we had reason to grieve.

Payback is so biblical and dare one say, satisfying.

(how does one end up on a different thread ? as now - Robert it's a left wing conspiracy probably related if not directly out of the White House - aren't they taking names now ? (lol) ).

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What do the race baiters Rev Wright, Al Shapton, Jesse Jackson, Barrie Hussein Soetero (of the hidden birth certificate), Farrakon, Ayers, Flegher, and the lefties Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Schumer, Jimmy Catta, Hillary, Rangel etc. - they all hate Israel.

Here are some of the best reasons to support our ally.

When crap like this dislikes this one little entity, it becomes easier to choose one's friends

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The Obamanation is a bust.

He's dropped the mask with his Bates comment - he;s just another race baiter like Sharpton and Jackson.

Also he hates Israel like Wright and will try and do as much damage there as possible.

Finally, we all learned what Alinski is (the shadow of Lenin) because
Barrie has no truth touchstone - its all agitation for socialism and control.

He's going down and that is good.

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Still laughing.
Well said.