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That is one classy looking individual.

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Don't know why this came to mind when I saw the photo.

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Think maybe you mean BIFFY Clyro Bt. Nice try though.

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Belsonic 2014 line-up revealed: Queens of the Stone Age, Billy Clyro and Example among headliners

Oh yes of course the famous polka king Billy Clyro!!!! I'm there.

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It's a present from Michaella and Melissa.

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Norman, I need to know is it the Prod God or the Catholic one? This is important as I may need to change my vote accordingly.

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There is now an official boycott of the BBC as they let a GAA top on its screen and a rebel song on the radio. The aul ladies at the camp will now be available for more protests apart from when coronation street is on.

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So wee Wullie spends his time watching soap operas and is upset that the BBC are letting catholic sports team tops on its shows. What a pathetic stupid reaction! Has this man really got nothing else in his life than to find anything to protest and stir up bigotry? Watch out Bedford street the mob will be at your doors!
Let's all chip in and get him a one way ticket on a rocket to space.

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we close wards at hospitals because 4 people there have gotten sick....does anyone else see the complete stupidity in this?....It's a hospital FFS god forbid there be "sick people" there
Edwin Poots you're a real genius aren't you? Let me guess one of those who got sick was gay and you don't want those germs spreading from a gay patient to a straight? God only knows what could happen!

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I told ya to not take the speckled rolex Ian. You was out of control last night on the disco biscuits.