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Whoa! Eye opening news, but really not too surprising, considering the number of pages and links vying for our attention every day. With 208 shares so far, I think most people at least skimmed through this entire article and hit the main points. However, when people write a pertinent comment, you will know they did read your blog with thought and content absorption. Blessings, Debby
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Poor Piers Morgan - He put himself out there as an example and the whole thing backfired. First, the facial expression when getting the shot, nervousness, anxiety and the potential side effects and then the resultant illness. Maybe he will start to do a bit more investigation into self care, preventatives and methods to boost immune system? I wonder what he will do in the future and how he will reconsider these "myths." Vitamin D and Influenza

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Dave - Really enjoying what you have to say. The number of success stories in Social Media connections thru Twitter say it all. I personally have met people from around the world, learned something new, expanded my life, partnered on projects, been prompted to write an article and have great conversations all because of this technology. Even though I don't watch TV, per se, many programs and news shows are available on the internet. It's all about sharing. Sharing what you do, what you know and who you know. What could be better?

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