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Happy Happy Friday! Yes,I agree, the location of the playhouse is a great idea. I always wanted to see more of it. My daughter would love to put a little recording studio there to play her guitar and write songs (she's only written one short one). Also for the nieces and nephews to hang out in. Counting the days, as I'm sure so many of us are, and getting excited about it all. Good luck.

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I have taken several tours of the Dream Home and never imagined another laundry room! Linda is surpassing herself with every home. I think you're absolutely right, the 2010 home seems to have so many conveniences in mind for us the homemaker. Everything put in the kitchen is so superbly thought out. If I win, when I win, I would definitely love to have you over for a meal and talk endlessly about all the awesome features in this house. Hope to see you and the house in person in March.

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Wow! The imagination and great taste that it takes to put these awesome baths together. I want to drink up every detail . . . but my favorite bath is that of the Dream Home 2010. The bathtub with the awesome view just can't get any better. This Blogging helps with the wait. Thanks so much for your guide through the home and I thought your idea for making the casita bath more private was GREAT. God Bless to all.