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Duly noted and corrected, thanks Brendan :)

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Hi Susan,

While I'm so very sorry to hear about your kitty, I'm glad you found your way here and hopefully there is something here you can use to help you, even if it's just the sharing of a similar bad experience. I'm beginning to think about pushing this topic out in a bigger way, as more people need to be aware and cautious. I wonder too, like you said, to make them cat proof? I think it's a good idea to share the story with all animal lovers you know. I will post this link once again on Twitter and Facebook, just to remind people. My heartfelt hug is sent your way.

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When I saw your name in the comments, I had to check myself! Thanks for adding your feedback and your simple suggestion is one I hope many will adopt - quickly :)

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Thanks for the feedback, Amy. Deep breathing is good and stepping back would certainly give your colleague some perspective; one way to help her do this might be to just say it: "We know you've busted your tail on this, how about stepping back a little bit and relaxing - you've earned it. That space might also stir some other ideas or even allow you to enjoy what you've accomplished so far." Believe it or not, at this point, your mind starts to come up with even better, more clarified ideas and the actual project doesn't hold so much mystery - or burdensome weight.

It's hard though, when you're so entrenched in getting something off the ground - there's a fear of failure if you don't have your hands on it all the way or it you're not concentrating on it 24/7. But sometimes, that's exactly what is needed to let something take off. I think you're guidance will help her :)


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Thanks so much, Amy. I think we're so lucky to have such great people in our lives and your Grandma and mine would probably have been friends, had they known each other :) I appreciate your message and it will lift me during this time, and there's a lot of peace knowing you feel yours watching over you. I can't wait to move past this part and get on to feeling that guiding force around me :) Hugs, love and prayers to you, too Amy :)

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I might agree it was selfish if it did have some kind of direct impact to my family; my daughter is 17 and went to support keeping it so children younger than her would have the advantage she did. It's the theory of picking off the low-hanging fruit; BVSD should dig a bit deeper to find ways to save money, and start first with their own wasteful spending of time and resources. Did YOU get the recent survey - twice? I did. It could have been made available online, but instead was printed on paper, someone developed it, and it was stuffed in envelopes and mailed. That's wasteful. And that's just one example.

The same could be said when libraries are closed: people can find free or cheap books at yardsales, but that doesn't replace the experience of visiting a library. Again, funded by the citizens, but eroded away by bureaucracies.

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Helayne Jones says, "I think we have to be realistic about the job we have here, and it ain't fun."Lovely, this grammar from a school board member.

Statistically, it has been proven time and again how the study of music positively impacts student performance in other studies. ( As a society, we need to be vocal about what should be legitimately removed from our schools when it comes time to discuss budgets. My daughter attended the school board meeting and wasn't given a chance to even be heard. Excuse me, but don't the citizens fund the schools? Don't the citizens then have a say?

Having a collective of school board bureaucrats making these decisions does little but protect "sacred cows" and bring other critical programs under the umbrella of potential elimination. What about waste or inefficiency at BVSD and the schools? What about failing programs where there is limited or no interest? Start treating the schools like a business, and I bet you'll see the reclamation of quite a bit of money.

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Teri, thanks so much for your kind words. I think she was a major influence on us and Sam and I definitely got her spunk! Grandma didn't like wimpy girls ;) Love you too.

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Dennis, that is so very sweet of you and thank you so much for the lift. She was remarkable, I was just lucky to get her as my Grandma :)

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Mimi, you are so right and I can feel it. I'm hoping in time, her glimmer will be reignited in other ways. A friend of mine just suggested that I plant a Chrysler Imperial in my yard in her honor. I love the idea and will try to get some sweet peas going again. Do you think that carrying on some of her little habits will help? I hope so.