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We bought Canon Rebels for two of our children who are also interested in photo. We bought both of them off Craigs's list. They both came with the an extra card, charger, battery and carry bag. Both were $300. There is a newer model out now , the older model might be less now. They love the camera. When we got the camera they were 17 and 13.

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When I think of Pollock I am reminded of the emperor's new clothes. Are folks afraid to say that what he did was not art? And I really do not like the movie 'Mona Lisa Smiles'.

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Thanks for putting into words the thoughts I have every time I watch this movie. I have always thought the younger brother was a slimy jerk. Seems like George was part of a family that continued to let him down. Hopefully there is a lesson learned on how we treat our own family members. To always be there, tell the truth, and help out when we can.

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Re-reading the trilogy, again. Looking forward to visiting Middle Earth, again.

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Totally agree with the mistreatment of Merry and Pippen. There were right in there with Frodo from the beginning. Same with Sam. They come off looking silly at the start of FOTR, when they weren't.

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My son played lacrosse in high school and as a varsity player would go to a yearly tournament in Carmel. He would bring the LOTR extended version to watch. Consequently, he crushes us when we play LOTH Trivial Pursuit.

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I have seven children and so far the oldest four are interested in becoming teachers. The oldest, a young man, is teaching TX. The next one, also a young man is going into teaching. We are trying to steer him to TX also. The next is a young woman, who want to teach US History, and will probably head to TX, too. They grew-up in CA and have decided NOT to stay here. The fourth one just got home from his first year of college and decided that he is not interested in a business degree instead discovered a passion for history. How bright young men and women will decide not to stay in CA? What will we be left with?

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You could have googled and found the answer. And of course, the actual events are nothing compared to the movie. The site had the most info.

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Just read this thread, thank you!! Will have to remember to use 'Let my peeps' go at Easter/Passover.
I am not as clever as a lot of you, but I sure do enjoy reading your comments. Thank you.

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"MSNBC is melting down and there just isn’t enough popcorn to pop, is there?" HA HA HA!! Thank you.