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Good article. It is the Israelis that see the wrongness of the current government and insanity of certain policies which offer hope. It is famously said that for evil to triumph, good men must do nothing. That is why J-Street and other elements offer hope. It doesn't take courage to blame one side fully. It takes courage to see reality. Face it and take a stand, unpopular or semi-popular. The truth usually will eventually speak for itself.
If Mandella is be quoted by 'the left' , then it must be seen in and studied. Americans and/or
outsiders hopefully should studyJewish history and Palestinian history. For me, MK Paz-Pines (Labor) who challenges Barak has courage. When German television during the January Gaza conflict showed Israeli woman saying that she was a little bit fascist while rejoicing the violence, most observers can tell something is definately wrong and backwards. That people can not have it both ways. Exploitation against a defeated Germany didn't justify the Nazi crimes. So how can grandchildren of Nazi victims be given an excuse to be fascist? Humanity says they can not. Sorry for digressing: Good article, keep the faith in a secular Isreali government.

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Interesting article and analysis. Pragmatic and smartly argued. . Pat, you being actually someone who has been employed by a president, a veteran, I listen. This Globalization-over-national interest-fantasy/debt-sucking-sound since the 1990s is starting to rear its ugly head.
I encourage everyone to read your articles on terrorism and economic realities , in your book "Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency" as a history lesson. Those who did read it where like the building inspector that knew a future earthquake was going to level the place. These are the chapters:

Intro: American Empire at Apogee
1. Democratic Imperialism and the War President
2. The War Party: Hijackers of American Foreign Policy
3. Is Islam the enemy?
4. Unwinnible war?
5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
6. Economic Treason
7. Conservative Impersonators
8. Falling Dollar, Failing Nation
9. The Abdication of Congress and the Rise of Judicial Dictatorship
10. The Way Back Home.

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People like democracy only when it gives them the results they want.

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China is not related to Arabia. The neoconservatives are a threat. I am not a Communist. 9/11 was a trap because it tried to make other states (such as Israeil's) enemies the enemies of the United States. This is a war the United States can not win. It is unwise.
In these debates, there needs to be a middle ground - but there will not be. If we lose focus, things will get worse for the United States/
An attack by Wahabi Shia dissidents, in Saudi Arabia was an excuse for everything.? Not hardly or should it be.

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Oh these people are antidemocratic - this is real danger. This is corrupt power. They have to be called on it. They have to be Identified as the facists their policies are. Does anyone else have a nicer or more accurate word for it? I don't like calling people names. But when people lives mean nothing just because they are born in another part of the world, what else can you call it? I think their brains are detached from reality. They want POWER at all costs. Ok, Conservatives. Did the west win the Cold War for this? "Our victories are in humanity's interests? (So we are allowed to do evil?) Did they study the Crusades, where Arab Christians where killed along with Arab Muslims? Did they know the crusaders ultimately lost? I am not saying leave the real dangers and opponent extremists alone, you need to defend yourself. Is this a government, or a MAFIA (Organized Crime)? IS this really true?

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Am I dumb? or ... Where is all the money coming from.

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Ok. I would like to know what is wise American policy. If peace talks results will be a facade and their is no interest in Peace, Pat, should the U.S. still give it lip service? Should the U.S. disengage? If America foreign policy is not truely democratic, and under undue influence of the AIPAC lobby, becaues the American voter is uninterested or misled? Are there success stories. The situation looks very dire. This money is sent in our name, I don't see any interest in throwing it away.