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Do these people freak out at every light aircraft or helicopter that flies over their house? Those can be (and often are) equipped with recording equipment, too...

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I think you might have gotten a ticket for setting up a Ferris wheel and hundreds of tents in the park while serving alcohol and trampling the grass, too... turns out we let permitted community events get away with things!

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I propose we call it... the Bro Palace Hotel!

Seriously, though, the existing businesses there are practically the only remnants of commercial servicing the actual hill clientele (i.e. college students). It's a shame that the endless quest for development revenue means this block, too, will become a sterile upscale establishment.

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The message here is clear: unless you have connections to the city government, stay off their turf (the Hill).

Code enforcement, landmark designation, historic neighborhood hoops, and general police presence alike, it's obvious where the eye of Boulder's leaders is focused.

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Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're in good financial shape.

It sounds to me like the owners of the lodge also own the restaurant property, in which case if they want the restaurant out and buy them out of their lease, there's not much recourse for the owners of the restaurant business.

I bet the Buff will move elsewhere if the new developers don't want them on the same site - it's hard to see such a proven and successful restaurant concept being unable to acquire space in Boulder (where restaurant turnover seems ridiculously high).

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CU and Boulder Police are trading a disruptive but generally safe event for a disruptive and extremely dangerous recipe for a riot. They're winning nothing and potentially losing big. Dumb gamble.

Yes, 4/20 disrupts campus activity - so does putting cops on every corner to ask for your papers.

I've never attended 4/20 - I try to avoid it. But I'd much rather have to trek through a relatively peaceful bunch of stoners trading mentally impaired pot philosophy than a volatile mix of angry students and CU + Boulder Police, who have a track record of being really bad at handling volatile mixes of angry students.

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The 7.62 AK is generally a 7.62 x 39 round. The 7.62x54R is used in a lot of cheap old Russian rifles and machine guns (the most common being surplus Mosen rifles that can be had for $100-$200 at Sports Authority).

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They're very unassuming Toyota minivans, and they look like this:

I think you still *could* get a ticket with certain out-of-state plates. In much the same way many states share drivers license points and violations info, they also share the DMV information (mainly your address) that lets the Boulder municipal courts mail you a ticket. I don't know exactly what states participate or what the rules are, though, nor do I know if they ever actually bother requesting that information from the out-of-state DMV.

But you're in luck, I've got a good solution for you: instead of worrying if your out of state plates will save you, don't run the freaking red lights! It's not that hard - I've lived here for many years and have never, ever gotten a red light ticket, because I know how to drive safely.

As for the vans, get a radar detector that detects Ka-band. The vans don't have their radar's transmit power turned up very far, so you won't be able to detect them from more than a few hundred feet away, but it should be enough to burn off 2-3mph and keep yourself from getting a ticket if you're driving safely. Plus it'll save you from the "put a cop behind the sign where we drop the speed limit 5mph" tactic on 36, and the bogus 25-35-45 trap at the top of the canyon in Nederland.

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Sadly, you're also wrong.

In Baldwin v. New York, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to a jury trial should be left up to the states in cases involving less than six months imprisonment, and only two states (neither of which are Colorado) have chosen to require a jury trial for all cases.

While I do agree that jury trial is a fundamental right, that's something you'd have to take up with the Supreme Court, not the Boulder City Council. The practice of having bench-trial-only tickets without threat of imprisonment is common throughout the US.

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I think the lawsuit would get thrown out pretty quickly - Baldwin v. New York makes it quite clear that the Supreme Court finds the right to a jury trial necessary only in cases which could result in more than 6 months of incarceration.

While I don't agree with that ruling (the Constitution says "all" trials, and "all" isn't a word the Framers used particularly lightly), that's how things stand today and there's almost no chance the ACLU will have any luck.

For what it's worth, it's quite common throughout the US to have minor offenses ruled by bench trial, and I don't think this is a particularly bad move by the Council, given that they eliminated the possibility of jail time as well.