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On Ubuntu 10.4 I was using Eclipse with android SDK. Everything was working perfectly.

Sunday I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10. Everything else is working fine except, now in Eclipse the ‘Window’ drop-down does not include the SDK & ADT manager. Also ‘run’ does not work. The two folders android-sdk-linux_x86 and SDK_workspace are fine.

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This article can serve as a good reference for:

1) To refute the usual Muslim lies meant for the consumption of the non-believers & the propaganda by the agents of ISI, that 'JIHAD' merely means peace & it does not mean violence.

Shahzad explains the violently aggressive meaning of 'Jihad' a couple of times in the video. In simple terms, as told to the believers Jihad means: Join the army of Allah, use the latest weapons, kill the non-believers and spread the rule of Islam all over the world.

2) Shahzad also expounds very well the GLOBAL nature of the Muslim aggressive intentions, of Muslim world rule, i.e. of Muslim Caliphate. This is not an idea or an opinion of a group of isolated people, it is in the 'definition' of Muslim religion. It is integral to the Muslim 'DNA'. It is part of the Muslim 'blue-print' for the world conquest, the Koran.

For example, most Americans consider the Indo-Pak wars over Kashmir or the water problems or the Mumbai attacks, as some ordinary squabble between two neighbors. We consider it as if two unruly kids who keep quarreling & fighting with each other all the time.

This is exactly what the strategists of Global Islamic Caliphate would very much like us to believe. As a result of this view, no third party comes to the aid of the isolated non-Muslim party in the current theater of violent Global Muslim war. Examples of the current targets of this 1400 year Global Muslim war are, India in the South Asia theater and Israel in the middle-East theater.

Over & over again, the Muslims have very successfully followed the same strategies for the last 1400 years, starting from Muhammad's wars to capture Mecca & Medina. Each & every time, the target domino fell into the jaws of the Global Muslim conquest. Every time, the Muslims very cunningly isolated the then current target domino country.

Ironically, the domino next in line to the current target domino, frequently helped the attacking Muslim army! Just as China & US are helping Pakistan by donating Billions of dollars, F16s, Nuclear reactors, weapons grade Uranium, long range missiles & other high-tech equipment.

History repeats for each domino in turn. Other dominoes further down the line, don't ever learn. The Muslim propaganda makes sure of that.

These models for the Muslim wars, strategy & propaganda, are all well proven over the last 1400 years of Muslim conquests and are used over & over again. This time, by the foxy Pakistani Punjabi army with it's long arm ISI.

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The drone noise levels need to be reduced similar to the successful effort with the Seawolf. It's propulsion system makes it ten times more quiet over its full range of operating speeds.