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Yeah likewise my rent is about the same. Seems to be the going rate around here (I'm in Nanshan)

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Hi Ugur, welcome to Shenzhen! What brings you to this part of the world? Looks like you found a nice place also. What's the rent like in Futian?

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The software I use is called Inkscape which is an Open Source vector graphics editor. You can download it for free here - http://www.inkscape.org/ - other software like Adobe Illustrator is also good but very expensive. The advantage of vector graphic software is that you can save your design at any size without loosing resolution (i.e. the image still looks sharp at any size).

To save as a PNG click File -> Export Bitmap... from here you can select the size and resolution you want to export.

I would suggest you start with a physical map of Wuxi and then overlay the actual route of the lines onto it. From this you can then simplify and refine your design. Generally speaking most metro maps use "quasi geographic" layouts, meaning that they follow the physical geography loosely but without a true sense of scale or proportion. I also suggest using some simple rules such as only having 90 or 45 degree angles which can create a very clean map - the London Underground or Hong Kong MTR maps are a good example of this.

To give you some inspiration I suggest you take a look at this page where you can see metro maps from around the world - http://people.reed.edu/~reyn/transport.html

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Thanks Eddie, yeah living & working in Shenzhen since September - loving it here so far, bit of a cultural desert but plenty of interesting places nearby.

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Thanks Jie :)

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You might be able to find a contact on their site - http://www.jogyesa.org/

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Wow, thanks for the link! I've used szparty quite a bit to find my way around, good stuff!

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I stand corrected but I'm not sure what "oxhorn" is - is it a Chinese word?

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Micky, this isn't a question of whether the disabled station indicators should or shouldn't be there, it's a question of intelligent implementation. Of course you have to make updates to reflect the changing infrastructure, but design done well doesn't have to reduce the clarity of what went before it. The current design is adequate at best.