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So are you Megan, have a beautiful day.

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I love Thanksgiving. It's family traditions, cooking, company and of course eating the food. I was just hoping for a few new specials besides the history of the Pilgrim's first Thanksgiving. I agree most don't know what the Pilgrims ate but they will watch the show and it won't register. We have the Victorians to thank for our current vision of what Thanksgiving is/was. It was they that said it was turkey and pumpkin pie not the smoked fish, beer, oyster stew and succotash that they probably really ate.

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Woo-Hoo. Some reruns from past years, 3 out of the 5 have Food Network stars and a show about what the Pilgrim's ate on their first Thanksgiving that all Americans above the 4th grade should know. Cooking Channel, you're really pushing the boundaries.

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Teri, I am formally inviting you to debate the movement of food around the globe. If you are open about why people cook what they cook where they live and why that is of course. Food histiory is my forte. I am currently compiling information for my own book. It would be great if you could contribute to this subject you seem to have a passion for as well.

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The point was that no food is endemic to one location. Millie above tried to explain that certain dishes are Caribbean and are not linked to the rest of Latin America. This is not true. They were alterered by influences from other locales around the globe. And yes people in NY eat avacados. Look up the per pound amount eaten every holiday and on Super Bowl Sunday. My father was from Nebraska and he ate chitlins. With todays world anything is now possible. All the ways you mentioned are attainable. Not sustainable but we are able to cook what we want here in America. What you are talking about makes my point. Lechon is lechon all over the world. It is regional by what is served along side. But to say one cuisine is supperior is FALSE. And that was my point all along. Sorry you missed it. Please reread the first sentence in the post you responded to.

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Isn't this the same blog post from last year about melons? I've seen each of these recipes before on this site.

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Do you send the ingredients to them or do they buy them local and bake them where again? The freinds I know that went to Afganistan never cooked their own food. They sure did appreciate home made goodies (vacuum sealed cakes, breads and cookies), but they never had time to actually cook anything like this. I was writing about the horrible trend of EVERYTHING in a mason jar. Also, just because this recipe is in a mason jar does not mean that it is "canned".

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Meat pies are a new trend? I thougt the new trend was serving food in mason jars. When's the recipe for Baked Alaska in a Mason Jar coming? 101 Ideas for Mashmallow Fluff maybe?

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Why watch and cheer for America at the Olympics when you can watch reruns of cooking shows? Did I get it right?

Yes, I get that some need a break and mindless viewing of cooking shows is a relaxing experience, but how about some new shows and faces to whet our appetite?

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Yeah, heaven forbid that any viewers will turn the channel from another rerun of Iron Chef America to see Mr. Flay on Portlandia. Gotta keep Nielsen happy, so just DVR it. The Cooking Channel might lose it's last 20 viewers and precious advertising dollars.