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George Soros is the worst type of person, a jew hating, anti semitic jew, albeit a secular jew. He is anti American and an Israel Hater. How did he get that way? Could he be the anti Christ? Time will tell.

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Obama's style reminds me of Muhammad, he will do anything to get his way and he will run roughshod over anyone in his way. The next thing we will hear is that he is getting revelations from God or Allah to support his policies and endeavors!

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dumbledoresarmy posted an interesting comment about Aussie nicknames and said that inhabitants of Tasmania have had jokes made about them as being inbred! The same jokes are made about folks born in West Virginia. I was born in WV 74 years ago and my family roots gao back to the early and mid 1700's when WV was actually Virginia, WV did not become a state till 1863. I have extensive family information on my mother's family, the Flemings. They were Scotch/Irish and many notable people are included in this family including one former governor and Boaz Fleming the first permanent white settler in Fairmont where I was born. A couple of years ago Dick Cheney made a joke about inbreeding in WV and was soundly criticised but it is true! It was common in the Fleming family for first cousins to marry each other. I have the evidence in a large scroll which list 4 generations of Flemings from William Fleming who came to America in 1741. There were no cars, planes, or trains for the folks to get around in this sparsely populated mountain state so to start a family with good quality folks they married first cousins. I don't think this policy carried over to the 20th century!

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Next time there is a disaster in their country I suggest Christians stay away and hold back the millions of dollars of aid that has been sent in the past. Doom on them!

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I understand that John Kerry was still a reserve officer under the law of the UCMJ when he met with the North Vietnamese in Paris. He should have been prosecuted for this action and was not thanks to all the Fondaites and their influence in our country at the time this happened.
God Bless America and Semper Fi

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Why is it a lot of African Americans have a love affair with Islam? Some of the original slave traders were Arab Muslims. Don't some modern Muslim countries still tolerate slavery? When I first heard BO speak one word came to my mind, PHONEY is the word, clothed in an articulate, charismatic, multi racial person.

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The USA accepted responsibility for slavery, persecution of Native Americans, and discrimination against women and largely we corrected these problems and moved on! These actions were not considered evil by a lot of folks during the times that they happened. Why can't Islam admit Mo made mistakes in his life and move on. If they would do this in a sincere way then maybe we could start a reasonable dialouge with them, but I won't hold my breath till this happens!