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Please, for all that is good and holy, in November can we get rid of the whole cabal. Eric Holder must be held responsible for what he has let slide, or covered up. As well, he should be pinned right to Obama. These are the folks that want fairness, compassion, to protect the children, to level the playing field, for the little guy. Evil bastards, all.

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The new and improved Leni Reifenstahl. They've built her whiter, maler and fatter. I wonder if he got the memo from Castro that despotism and tyranny doesn't work, no matter how long you try? Doesn't matter. His vapid head hears only what it wants to regurgitate to his lackeys. Oliver Stone and MM should just go to Frisco and get married so they can get tax breaks for thier crappy films.

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She may be hot. But as a REAL Conservative, the date would be short, and she'd last be seen running towards the Democratic Party. I have very little faith in Gen Y, but oh how I pray that they will see through her shiny vaneer to the broken down Progressive motor on the inside. Daddy taught her TOO WELL.

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The parents should have done the exact same thing that happens when Christians show up in Muslim countries with Bibles. Behead them, or stone them to death. Show them women "are more free under Islam" after all.

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I wonder if the State Dept. will be as enthusiastic when Christians are murdered en masse under the New Turkish Islamic State. Oh, and what ever happened to Turkey's nukes?

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Watch closely as more fall under Satans spell. Islam is evil. Those with little or no faith are drawn to it, mesmerized by the sheer power of it. Normal thinking men and women that just leave common sense and begin following the line of submission. Its the Jews fault in Palestine. Islam is peace. Women are second class, for thier protection. There are no muslim gays.

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I can no longer stomach his speeches. Did he surround himself with Keynsians, Socialist and Marxists to ensure he new what NOT to do. Them employ thier ideas, just so at some time in the future he can jump up and say "whew, good thing we dodged that Communism thing, I foiled them for good this time."
No. I'm going to go with my gut feeling, which was, on election night,( and he of course won,did anyone actually have a doubt) I became, literally violently ill. So much so, that I was taken to the ER. Then of course on inauguration day, it happened again. So violently ill, that this time at the ER it took 4 shots of Dilauded to stop the headache, and a whatever shot to stop the vomiting.

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Here's what we need to happen. We need another 'Discovery Channel' shooter to stop by the Huff-Po.

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I've seen some of your work Bosch, but not nearly enough. The words must be spoken, but your images may find the mark when it comes those paralyzed by political correctness. Keep up the good fight. All those death threats...well if you can, appreciate the honor they mean to we free people.

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If I actually thought it would make a difference, I'd HATE olbermann and his ilk. However, if a show is being broadcast and nobody watches, was it really aired? Insidious lies made intentionally to bring wanna-be tyrants to power will not have an endearing or lasting impression on people.