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Realistic answers to these questions will provide a realistic price and the right unit for you.

You will also much like the fact that the energy cord measures 20 feet long, so you may use one
outlet to clean a large area. If you have the capability
to dry foods you can have what you need at anytime you may need

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I was on vacation last week and was not able to see the show. However, I found that I did not miss a beat other than to not know who was eliminated. The same theme has been repeated over and over. I agree vehemently that the designers NEED to show their OWN designing talents. When I watch David, Candice, Geniveve, etc. they talk to the homeowner, look at the layout and THEN design for that particular scenario. How can we or the judges define the distinct design talent of each of the participants if it is always a combined effort. All one really accomplishes with this approach is to see who can browbeat the others to do as that one wants to do to and what direction that one wants to go. If leadership is what they are looking for then go for a couple of team shows, but then MOVE ON! When I watch HGTV, I want to see a particular designer and how they would take a particular room problem and make it over so that I can see how I can somehow change my design or colors in my house. I like the way they explain what they see as the problem and what the homeowner wants and what design they believe will improve the design and make the homeowner overjoyed. If I wanted someone to come in to design a room for me, I would not want a 'team' of designers to come in and each do their own thing. How perpostorous. Where does one get the trust?

Why can we not see that strength be developed in the contestants? I believe that this can be done very simply by reorganizing the production of the program. I am really, really disappointed this year!!!

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The most special home made item in my house is a necklace hoder/hanger made by my son when he was about 10. We had a neighbor who worked with wood and Dan picked out the choice of wood that matched my bedroom set and made a backbord with pegs of different heights so that I could hang short and long necklaces on it. It attached to the wall so that it was at an easy access to my vanity. It was made of high end wood and everything was sanded and stained to perfection. I love it and I loved the fact that he thought so much of me to take the time to make it for me.