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Solid content and honest doctrine have been challenges in both old and new music. When I first encountered some of the contemporary worship music that does not always keep a strict meter or rhyme, my first reaction was to knock it. But only for a brief moment, as I saw how the music worked anyway and the message came through clearly.

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Very thought-provoking post. Going forward, I believe this will require some of us to create models for Christ-centered community that have very little in common with the church of today... and we can expect to be criticized and rejected by a large part of today's church. The old measurements (such as buildings, staff, programs, and attendance) will be totally irrelevant.

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I'm a coffee drinker from way back. When I was in seminary I worked the night shift and went from there to class. One morning I was especially tired. I had stayed up finishing a paper before going to work. I took a NoDoz in class. One. From the reaction of the guy next to me you'd have thought I had pulled out a joint and a bottle of whiskey. BTW the NoDoz just made me jittery.

And about those owls, didn't Jesus declare all foods clean (Mark 7:19)?

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Good Wednesday post, Jon. I'm in my 15th year in the wilderness, still hoping and praying for the light at the end of the tunnel. You know what? Going through a leadership program at work does not make anybody a leader. It might lead to advancement in the company, but maybe that's not God's path for you. John Maxwell said if nobody is following you, then you're not really leading. I'm not sure how that quote applies to me, but you definitely have people following you. So that makes you....