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Well I can undertand his frustration. There are SEVERAL times I've wanted to just throw my laptop against the wall! And we all know the "PC Load Letter" incident at Initech. So I think they should cut him some slack. As human as the computer may have been, I'm sure it deserved what it got.

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It takes courage to come out like that so publicly. I support him and Dushku. But I kinda always knew he was an alien. I mean he doesn't have the brains or the decency of a human being. ,At times he could be a rude thoughtless little pig. which is a dead give away since aliens aren't too familiar with our etiquette.

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He must be the one responsible for the fish with human legs that keep washing ashore! I guess I'll check into that run down "Church of Poseidon" on main street this Sunday. Do I wear a wet suit as my "sunday best?"